1. Be Coachable! This is probably the most important and beneficial step. Your sponsor, teammates, and leaders have your best interests at heart and will help guide you through the early stages. It is important to take their advice to heart, put your own spin on it, and put it into motion! We WANT you to succeed, but only you can put the pen to paper and make it happen!

2. Share your new journey with friends! Make a post on your personal profile, sharing, not selling (no link, no "click here, buy this" type stuff) your excitement over this new adventure! Let your friends know how amazing the company and products are and how *excited* you are about this! Excitement is contagious!!! When you get your new makeup kit in, take pictures, or make a video, and share it! Change your profile picture to a picture of you ROCKING your new products! Remember, you are representing your business now! People want to see YOU!!!
Watch this video to learn the "Art of Non-Selling" - this is crucial. We do not want to appear desperate, or look like a used car salesman! 
--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxFcDIE5ms4

3. Write down your goals, and make a plan. This is something you will start doing monthly as you build your business. You will want to set a goal. Decide how many parties you want to have, decide who you want to discuss the opportunity with, decide how quickly you want to hit Yellow, and Fast Start. Reach out to this group for help with goals if you need to! Most people benefit from writing goals down, either in a notebook, planner, or on a dry erase board!

4. Set up a party link for yourself and start your launch party! Our company makes it SO easy for us to accumulate hostess rewards on purchases from our friends and family! Set up a party link with yourself as the hostess, this is what you will direct people to shop from so their orders contribute to your own "party" and you earn rewards! You will want to open a new link for yourself every 10 days! We will discuss your Launch Party in another post! 

5. Consider getting a personal domain! These are *very* cheap through GoDaddy (search for coupon codes and get them at a discount!) Setting up a domain name gives you a certain amount of exclusivity and makes you appear to be professional, and serious. It also allows you to direct people to an open party link easily so you can acquire hostess rewards on purchases! 
Watch this video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzTv5d06hVs

6. Order your business cards! Once you have a domain set up, go to your "supplies" section of the Younique Website and order your business cards! New presenters get a discount on business cards - personalize these with your name, email address, and new domain name!

7. Make a list & get to work! We have a task called "100 NO's" which we may suggest to you. This activity is more about recognizing your network and getting out of your comfort zone than anything. When you start, you will want to message people inviting them to your launch party, with the ultimate goal being that they want to host fun parties with you, and maybe even join your team! If you never put the word out there, they will never know you have this amazing thing to share!

8. Focus on income producing activities! It is really easy to get "lost" in Facebook and social media, chatting with friends, scrolling, "liking", and commenting. However, that does not build your business. There are four areas of income producing activities, keeping your focus on these when you make time to work your new business will ensure you are managing your time effectively. 
Income Producing Activities:
1. Sell the Product
2. Build a Team
3. Brand Yourself
4. Personal Development

9. Place a small Cash & Carry order! This is NOT a requirement, but it is recommended to have 3-4 mascaras (only mascara!) on hand for friends and family who want to check it out! You will want to purchase this under your launch party link! If you are able to purchase additional products for yourself to use, this is also highly recommended. You will share what you wear and you'll sell what you share! It is easier to share your love of the products you have, so when you can, order some basic products for a "base face" look to help you take even MORE selfies! Some recommendations are: Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Bronzer/Blush, Lip Stain, Eye Liners, & Lip Stick! Make sure to order from your own party link!

10. Personal Development. Complete the Weekly Courses on your Younique website - and go through the "files" tab and photo albums in your elite group. Soak up knowledge and seek out information!

​Feel free to ask questions as they come up, we are here to help you!