Your First Month 

In your first month you should be launching your business.

It should look like this...

You Enroll ($99)

You sell $500 (kit $$ earned!)

You find 3 people to join with you and coach them to sell $500 and sponsor 3 


This gives you 4 total team members (including you)

You have a total of $500 in team sales


Your Second Month 

Month 2 Looks Like This...

You sell $500 PRS

You find 3 people to join you!

You coach your team to do the same


Remember Your Original 3 Teammates? 

All 3 sell $500 - This gives you $1,500

All 3 enroll 3 new teammates- This adds 9 people to your team (12 Total Presenters here)


Your team is now 16 members STRONG

Your team sales are $2,000

You have 2 PROMOTIONS!

Yellow for selling your first $1,000 with Younique! Here is a pay raise!

Pink for a CWS of $2,000 plus a qualified team member and personal sales over $250

You are now earning commission on your team sales, 2 months in!


Your Third Month 

Month 3 Looks Like This...

You sell $500**

You Enroll 3 new Presenters

You coach those 3 to duplicate this system

(See a pattern here?)


Your First Leg of Recruits Looks Like This...

Original 3 You Enrolled EACH Enroll 3- This is 9 New and 12 total

Original 3 Sell $500- This is $1,500 in sales

Their team (9 Presenters) each enroll 3- This is 27 new Presenters from them total of 36

That Same 9 each sell $500- This is $4,500

That leg totals;

$6,000 in sales

48 total members


Your 2nd Leg (The 3 You Enrolled in Month 2)

Looks Like This...

The 3 Enrolled in Month 2 Enroll 3 (Again 9 new and 12 total)

The 3 Enrolled in Month 2 Each Sell $500 ($1,500)



Your ENTIRE Team Together is;

64 members STRONG (including you)

Sales are $8,000 for month 3!

You are promoted again! Welcome to BLUE!




**To hit Fast Start Bonus you need $2,000 PRS over the 3 month period. Meaning you would need to sell more than $500 each month, your first 3 months in.


Your Fourth Month 

Month 4 Looks Like This. ..

You Sell $500

You Enroll 3 New Presenters


The Original 3

Sell $500 Each Totalling $1,500

Enroll 3 New Presenters (9 new 12 total)


Their Team of 45 

All Sell $500 Totalling $22,500

All Enroll 3, Adding up to 135 new team members and 138 total in this generation


Your Second Leg (Originally Enrolled in Month 2)

All Enroll 3 New Presenters (9 new, 12 total)

All sell $500 ($1,500)


Their Original team of 9

All Enroll 3 New Presenters ( 27 new and 36 total) 

All Sell $500 ($4,500 be 9 sell)


Your Third Leg

Enroll 3 Each (9 new 12 total)

Sell $500 Each ($1,500)


Your ENTIRE Team Looks Like...

$32,000 CWS (Company Wholesales)

214 Total Team members (including you)



Hello Pay Raise and ELITE STATUS! 

All in 4 short months!!!!!!!


The Point 

OBVIOUSLY, this is in a perfect situation, if everyone who joined your team worked their business. It's a numbers game and this is used to map out how to get there.


1. Be consistent

Sell $500 and enroll 3 new teammates, each month on average!

2. Coach your team to duplicate what you do!

3. Coach your Team to coach their team!

This system can be duplicated over and over and OVER!


The point is 3 simple steps done or and over can streamline your business! 

Sell, Enroll, Coach....repeat


If everyone who joins would follow this model, EVERYONE would be sucessful!



18 sets of Lashes


3 Collections


50 Eye Shadow Pigments


13 Illuminate Cleanser





The combinations are endless!