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Watch 2nd half of the video: https://www.facebook.com/106075847679770/videos/502203987119303/?t=78

YOUR HOSTS!!!! I cannot stress
HOW important this is.

Look at their FB Wall. 1) Is their profile public? 2) Do they post their own content? 3) Are they getting comments on things they post? 4) Are they NOT sharing 6-8 posts a day from other pages (this is HUGE!!)

If you can say NO to any of the above I would honestly skip them as an affiliate. Offer the online party / class instead. NONE of my affliates that are “chronic sharers” have ever sold a single mascara for me. Not one. Most never get a single comment.

This is the ONLY time in the business I say to “pre-judge”

IF you INSIST on having someone like this as a host-- they do NOT count as part of your 10.