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So, this is where YOU need to decide what kind of rewards you will offer. I’ll give some ideas :) — but this next message to them is going to explain what is in it for them - why should they post.

BASIC: the most simplest thing to do is to utilize the Younique rewards system. Tell them they’ll get 10% on anything their friends purchase as product credit.

BASIC +: I like to give a gift whether their friends purchase or not since some of that is outside their control. In this case, you can do 10% free cash AND even if the don’t have any friends that want to grab anything, they’ll be entered to win an amazon gift card (you can do something like a $10-$15 gift card.

UP IT - the other thing I like to do for my hostess is a deeper discount. It costs me nothing and helps me get more product in their hands. I offer a 20% discount off any order the week they host and 30% a mascara. That’s what I do — but at elite I’m making 30% commission. Here’s what I recommend for other commission ranges:

White Status (20%) — offer 10-15% discount off any order on the site and (15%-20%) off a mascara JUST for sharing all 7 posts.

Yellow Status + (25%) — offer 15%-20% discount off any order on the site & 20% - 25% off a mascara just for sharing all 7 posts.