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Okay, so before we get into this week of affiliates I want to be super clear about WHAT to expect.

FIRST: you WILL get people that say no thank you to hosting — the majority of people you message with either say no OR just simply won’t respond. That’s normal! That’s why we want to message at LEAST 30 people to get 5-7 people say yes. And that % will depend on how active you have been in branding yourself with Younique, and the type of relationship you have with the people you are messaging.

But I want to be clear, if you keep asking you WILL get more yes’s. Absolutely!

You may need to ask more than you think you need to — but keep in mind this is you getting stated with affiliates. Once we get them going consistently it will be easier and easier to book. It’s like pushing a car in neutral — it’s more work just to get the car moving. Once you get it moving - it moves along on it’s own.

SECOND: Not all of your hosts will post. And not all of your hosts will get comments. We are looking — SIFTING through your friends list to find those that have influence on social media. Not everyone will earn a mascara - most won’t. That’s not the point. The point is to network and meet new people. Out of 10 hostesses - my statistics is to have 2-3 get comments. BUT out of those 2-3 that get comments - combined they usually get 7-10 that order.