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WATCH VIDEO (under 2 min).

SEND THE POST OF THE DAY: You’ll want to send your post of the day to your hostess each day. It's helpful to set an alarm on your phone to remind you. I personally like to send the post in the middle of the day, just in case they aren't on FB as much. If they know they won't have time in the evening they can post it sooner.

ONE CHAT OR GROUP CHAT? Some people like to put all their hostesses in ONE chat and send the post of the day, but I personally tried that and didn’t like it very much. I felt like it was harder to build a relationship with my affiliate. I also felt like when I did that I had more of my hostesses NOT post. So I prefer to simply send the post to the first hostess and then forward to the others. The only benefit I see of combining into one chat is to maybe do a contest on which hostess gets the most comments? But you could also do that with individual chats.