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Once someone comments on your affiliate’s post you want to:

Send them a friend request. This is how we are going to help you build up your network! Sometimes I’ve had people comment, not end up purchasing right away, but then purchase 2-3 months later. So, it’s a GOOD idea to add them to your friends list.
Reply to their comment. EITHER put that you messaged them (and tag their name so they get the notification) OR reply with your messenger link (m.me/yourFBusername) and ask them to send “deal” to that link. This is to help them KNOW you messaged them / reach out to you — PLUS it’s helpful for YOU to keep track of who you messaged — PLUS it lets your hostess see that you reached out to her friend as well.
Message that person. See the NEXT step for HOW to do that for the BEST results.