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I do NOT ever send the price or website link if someone asks about price. Instead I send a link we made for our entire team to use to share 4 bundles. This is my SECRET to upselling!! Does everyone get more than a mascara, no — BUT using this method I do have people choose a lash bundle and I typically sponsor at least once a week with someone choosing the kit.

We have TWO links to use for our team:

NEW PRESENTER: www.confidenceclubteam.com/4dmascarabundles
(this is the same pricing that someone can get off the website — so you don’t need to offer any of your own discounts or have y-cash built up)

SEASONED PRESENTER: www.confidenceclubteam.com/mascarabundles
(this gives a discount of the mascara, which works well if you either keep mascara on hand or have y-cash you can use).

>> please SAVE one of these links to your phone!

>> if you feel tech savvy and want to choose your OWN bundles, you can always recreate this with google forms.