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Once the week is finished, time to go back through the posts to make sure you didn't miss anyone. Let your hostess know which of her friends purchased. If some of her friends didn’t respond to your message, let her know that as well. If she wants to get more people purchasing, she can always email / text out a link that you provide her.

If she met your minimum for a free or half-priced mascara, let her know. If not, let her know you’ll be sending her free gift OR entering her into your drawing (whichever is the rewards system you are doing).

Get her mailing address if needed. If you used ONE link, for her to access her rewards she will need to send $ to you and have you order on her behalf. If you aren’t sure how to do that, please contact your sponsor / upline.

Go to her “booking post” and reply to those that responded. If no one has responded, that’s okay too! Remember - not every hostess will get comments to her posts and that is OKAY.