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Boom - you're done! Great job in finishing the week. Time to do it again :) -- remember this is a NUMBERS GAME -- if you had 3-4 hostesses and didn't get the results you wanted, decide to get more hostesses this week. And remember you can't really "judge" this system until you've had at LEAST 20 hostesses. I have had one week that had zero sales - but then the next week I had 10 + mascaras sold. So it averages out over a full month as LONG as you are having enough hostesses each week. 3 is JUST NOT ENOUGH to get good results as you are getting started.

The great news is this SYSTEM IS SIMPLE. It’s DUPLICATABLE. It requires NO videos or lives. It requires NO makeup experience or confidence in doing demos. It’s something you can do week in and week out and add in new customers consistently! I promise it WORKS!