(please go through ALL part two before you start booking)


1) Do a post on your wall about earning a free mascara. 
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2) Message those that comment message those that comment. 
When you message them, make sure to be CLEAR that they are going to be EARNING a mascara.  
Something like: 
"Hey Sara!  I saw your comment on my makeup post.  Can I share how you can earn a free mascara?"
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2) Send Direct Messages.  It works a little better if you message people that you've at LEAST had one convo with -- however that convo does NOT have to do anything with Younique. 
Keep the msg SIMPLE & SHORT: 
"hey susie! Just curious if you're open to being my affiliate of the week?"
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3) Explain How it Works. 
No matter how you messages them, you need to explain how it works. 
Keep this response SAVED to your phone (wordboard or copied)
Now, here's the thing.  You can change this -- do what YOU want to do.  If you want to reward more or less, that's up to you.  Here's what I personally send. 
so it's SO super simple!!  Just share a post a day on your wall this week.  No worries . . . I'll send you what to share.  Anyone that comments on your posts, I'll reach out to them to answer questions.  Whether any grabs something or not, I'll still enter you in my monthly affiliate drawing for a target gift card, plus you'll get a 15% discount off anyone on the site during your week of posts.  And if anyone does decided to grab anything, that will go toward free shopping credit for ya!
So, I USED to mail out a free gift to every affiliate that shared each post.  The gift was only something that was $3 -- but then shipping was $2-3 -- and then you have 8-10 each week.. not only does it kinda add up, but I am just terrible about mailing things out.  So, I now do a monthly drawing instead for my hostesses. I also give my hostesses a discount for the week they do the posts.  We don't have a way to give people a code with a discount, so they pay me for what they want (with the discounted price) and I order it and mail it to them from the site. If you are brand new, I suggest doing just a 10% discount so you aren't giving away all your commission.


I always ask for their email to get a firm commitment from them.  
Then let the know when you will send them the first post. 
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So, I do NOT make an individual link for every affiliate.  I make just ONE link for the week. 
Here's why: 
  • I want to gift my affiliate 10% of the orders no matter if she just gets one order or 10 orders.  If I make ONE link I can have all orders go through that link and it's more likely to qualify.  This is another reason I give my affiliates a discount for the week - my whole goal is to get $200 in orders so that I can get a qualified link for the week. 
  • It's faster -- less to remember- less to copy and paste.  
  • I honestly never have my affiliate share her link.  In part 3 I'll share my messaging system, but it's SO simple.  I only share the link to my site in messenger directly with those that comment on her post.  
  • My goal is to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITH the AFFILIATES FRIEND'S.  If the affiliate is just randomly posting her link - people might visit my site, have questions that no one answers and leave the site and I never get to talk to them.  If I can get in messenger - I can ask questions, build trust, and overcome concerns.  AND even if they don't purchase right then, I've had people I've added as friends purchase in the future.  
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How to create your Rewards Link:

> Go to 'MY OFFICE"


> Click on "Create a New Rewards Link"

Then choose "CREATE A REWARDS LINK" on the top right.

You can change the NAME, DESTINATION and LINK OWNER by clicking on the pink pencil icon.

Once you've done any editing you choose, copy the "SHARE REWARDS LINK" to share your link or shop from your link.

Okay, now get booking!!  

Have the right expectations - if you are just getting started with Affiliates, you may need to message 30-60 people to get 10 affiliates.   BUT, it won't always be that way!!  It's like getting the momentum to get a bike going -- it takes work up front, but them it gets easier and easier.  

ONCE you've gotten TEN confirmations, move onto PART 3: