Michelle's Selling System!

(Should take just 15-20 minutes)



WATCH VIDEO (under 2 min).


You’ll want to send your post of the day to your hostess each day. It's helpful to set an alarm on your phone to remind you.

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This is a personal preference.


Some people like to put all their hostesses in ONE chat and send the post of the day, but I personally tried that and didn’t like it very much. I felt like it was harder to build a relationship with my affiliate. I also felt like when I did that I had more of my hostesses NOT post. So I prefer to simply send the post to the first hostess and then forward to the others. The only benefit I see of combining into one chat is to maybe do a contest on which hostess gets the most comments? But you could also do that with individual chats.  Bottom line - do what works for you. 




Search your unique hashtag to bring up ALL your affiliate's posts in ONE spot. 


Once someone comments on your affiliate’s post you want to:

  • Send them a friend request. This is how we are going to help you build up your network! Sometimes I’ve had people comment, not end up purchasing right away, but then purchase 2-3 months later. So, it’s a GOOD idea to add them to your friends list.

  • Reply to their comment. EITHER put that you messaged them (and tag their name so they get the notification) OR reply with your messenger link ( and ask them to send “deal” to that link. This is to help them KNOW you messaged them / reach out to you — PLUS it’s helpful for YOU to keep track of who you messaged — PLUS it lets your hostess see that you reached out to her friend as well.

  • Message that person. See the NEXT step for HOW to do that for the BEST results.



The goal of the conversation is to feel just that- like a conversation. How would you talk to someone if they were standing in front of you?
Only answer the questions they ask, except I like to add in the love it guarantee (that's rarely asked in my experience).
Then when they ask about price or it gets to a point in the conversation where you've answered their questions, you can send the upsell link (which I'll cover in the next section)
Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 1.23.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 1.23.35 PM.png
1) Message the person that commented on the post with ONE thing: 
"Hi (friend)!  I'm (affiliate's) friend that does the awesome mascara.   What question can I answer for you? 
THAT'S IT.  NOTHING ELSE!!  Don't send a paragraph about price and website and link, etc . . . 


I do NOT ever send the price or website link if someone asks about price.
Instead, I send a link we made for our entire team to use to share 4 bundles. This is my SECRET to upselling!! Does everyone get more than a mascara, no — BUT using this method I do have people choose a lash bundle and I typically sponsor at least once a week with someone choosing the kit.


(this is the same pricing that someone can get off the website — so you don’t need to offer any of your own discounts or have y-cash built-up)
>> if you feel tech savvy and want to choose your OWN bundles, you can always recreate this with google forms. (it's really simple and only takes about 10 minutes)
When the potential customer asks about price OR it gets to the part of the convo where price seems like the next thing to talk about, here's what you send: 
"So I actually have 4 special deals JUST for Susie's friends this week:  Which deal appeals to you the most?"
Then wait or their response to know which deal they want to get. Then send them the prefilled cart link to whichever deal they selected (or invoice them. 


If you are a new presenter the MOST simple way is to send a link to THAT specific product that they want to purchase.  I suggest doing a pre-filled shopping link on your Younique site. (add items to the cart while you're logged in and then send a link to the cart that is at the bottom of the page)
However, consider being able to offer an invoice option. I find in my business that people are often more likely to follow-through with the purchase if sent and invoice or asked to pay some other way outside of the website.
IF you choose to do that, some popular ways to do that are VENMO, Paypal, Facebook, etc . . . While we won't be covering HOW to do those options on here, GOOGLE is an awesome resource and your upline and sponsor can help as well :)


In a Nutshell - here's the whole system for success: 
Commit to booking 10 affiliates.  Use a post on your wall or directly message people UNTL you get 10
Use a tracker to stay organized. Write down the posts your affiliate does, who comments. etc . . 
When someone comments, send them a friend request and reply to their comment and tag them in that reply and then message them.  If they don't see the message you can ask the affiliate to reach out to them.
Use the Upselling Secret System for messaging them:
1) Ask if they have any questions about the mascara
2) Answer their questions
3) Send the website for the deals:
4) Figure out which deal they want and either send an invoice for it or send them the link to a prefilled cart with those items
Write down your customer's info wherever you keep track of customers (notebook, exxcel, etc . . ).  I like to get their email and email them application tips for what they purchased. 
Invite everyone that has commented or purchased to either follow you on your FB business page or join your customer VIP group (whatever you are focused on growing). 


The last post your affiliate does should be a "BOOKING POST".  It's pretty much the same exact post you did to get bookings "Who wants to earn a free mascara?" 
At the end of the week go to EACH person that commented or purchased and ask them to be your affiliate. 
Continually be adding to your network and friends list!  You can go to those that have commented, purchased or hosted and add their friends as friends. 


Once your affiliate makes her 1st post, message her:
"That post was perfect -- so seriously.  See how EASY this is!  You could totally do what I do and pocket some extra money on the side. "
>> The whole idea is that you are PLANTING SEEDS with the affiliate!!  Getting her to think that this is something she could do. <<
When your affiliate has a friend that is going to purchase, message your affiliate:
"Hey, so just throwing this out there but if it's not your thing that's okay too . . . but your friend Carol is going to purchase the mascara.  And I'm totally cool with making money off of your friends - but hey - you should totally be making the money!  If you want to get started with this we can have her be your first customer and help you start earning money with this super SIMPLE system I do.  But if you're not looking for ways to make extra money on the side, that's totally fine :)"
Get to KNOW both your affiliate AND customers.  Take your messaging ONE step further and ask them about the following: 
Friends / Family 
Ask them about their job, family, something they shared on their FB wall -- find a NEED of theirs that YOUNIQUE would be the solution for.  Take notes on the conversation you have with them. 
3-7 days AFTER learning more about them, message them back.  
Hey!  I was just thinking about our conversation the other day and how you (something they do or like, etc . . ).  
If I could show you a way to (something that solves a potential problem for them) would you be open to watching a quick 10 min video right online? 
If they say YES / SURE -- ask them WHEN they can watch it (now, tonight).  Then when they say they can watch it, send them our opportunity video link:
Ask them "What did you like most about the video" -- then invite them to get on a 3 way call or chat with your upline to help them learn more about it. 


This is everything you need to grow your network, make sales, and add teammates!!  Now it's just up to YOU to put it into action. 
Remember SUCCESS LOVES SPEED!!  Having 10 affiliates over 4 months will NOT give you the same results as having 10 affiliates each week for 4 months. 
Consistency is SUPER IMPORTANT!!  You'll have the BEST results when you do your system week after week versus doing one week and then taking 3-4 weeks off. 
MASTER the simple system first.  Then you can always add in variations.  Like, maybe you do a big makeup class once a month and invite everyone that has ever commented, hosted or purchased - to introduce them to more products.  There's so many ways to add value to your network, but simple systems are the MOST duplicatable to building a strong direct sales business.