PART ONE: Let's get organized!

(should take less than 30 min)

Welcome to the Affiliate Bootcamp!!   

Remember you've committed to having TEN affiliates this week.  This is so you can get the BEST results for your efforts!  Those that successfully book 10 affiliates will receive a Bootcamp badge in the mail!

Watch this quick 1 Minute Video for a simple overview of what an affiliate is :) 

Then scroll down to complete PART ONE: Getting Organized! 

STEP 1: 

Download this PDF (includes the tracker)


If you don't have a way to print off the tracker, you can always use a notebook or your phone, or you can print it off at your local library or office supply store 

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 5.12.40 PM.png

STEP 2: 

Save photos of the 4D mascara to your phone in an ALBUM.


(Side note: YES, you can do affiliates for other products, however, if you've never done them before I highly recommend starting with the mascara (choose epic or 4D - whoever you prefer).

STEP 3: 

Save the verbiage for the posts you are going to use to your phone.  

WHERE you save them is up to you.  Here are some options:

1) WORDBOARD: if you have an iPhone, this is my recommendation.  

2) TEXT REPLACEMENT: for both iPhone and android. GOOGLE how to use for your device.  

3) TRELLO: my fav organization tool - you can access it from a phone or computer.  Still requires you to copy and past the verbiage to your affilaite

4) NOTES on your phone.  


Everywhere!  Okay, not everywhere - but we have links below to ALL different kinds of examples of verbiage! 

Everyone does their verbiage a bit different BUT I want you to include a few things in every post:

* your own unique hashtag

* a call to action 

And just recently I saw some posts that gave tips and I thought that was a really great idea as well!