Amanda Lawrence's Party

This is a SAMPLE 10 day party!  While you can use some of the verbiage - make sure you make your OWN images and videos as your guests want to see YOU!!   PLUS, we don't want images FLAGGED by facebook (which happens if they get used too often). 


Welcome to this Beauty Basics Class! Kelly has invited you to the group with her! We will be learning all about your beauty basics, where we go from the base of your skin to an even more beautiful face! Check out this quick video to hear what its all about. Shout out below what you want to learn about!? Or don't and just kick back and crack a smile, because I can be a little silly


(amanda puts this in the description for the group)

Hi! My name is Amanda, I'm a presenter with Younique and a licensed Esthetician! 🙈😍This is Kennady and Kaia and my hubby Nate, you'll likely be seeing a lot of them in the next 7 days as well 😂Kelly has invited you to this "Beauty Bootcamp" group because she loves the Younique product line and wants to share it with the people she is closest to, YOU! Keep your eyes peeled for my favorites, the foundation and lip products 😍 I hope you'll find something different about this experience. I hope you'll feel like it's more of a conversation, and not a sales pitch. I'm excited to spend this time with all of you! Please feel free to ask any questions along the way! Your comfort, trust and education of makeup application is my main goal!


For me, choosing the foundation was much more than just makeup. It was giving me the confidence to hold my head a little higher. How did I transform my face? Primer set the canvas, and the liquid foundation and liquid concealer covered my scars and the contour kit made me lose 10 pounds ;) . These 4 products gave me my confidence back! Stay tuned, I'm going to show you how it's done and how to achieve all of this! Who's excited!?


So where does it all begin? Where do you start with your makeup!? Step 1- CRUCIAL - Primer... I'll admit I had no idea what primer was, or why it was so important. Isn't that what you put on your walls? Check out this video so I can teach you why this is key to a flawless face and probably change your life 😎 (Link to order in comments)


Foundation stresses most people out. What color? What type? Should I use a liquid or a powder? Watch this to find out! What kind of finish do you love with your foundation?? (link in comments)


Is your skin extremely dry in the winter time like mine... And the rest of the worlds skin!? 🙈 I'm a liquid foundation girl in the summer time, it's light weight, dries to a powder and covers amazing, but in the winter, this mama's face needs a cozy, nourishing jacket!


One of the most popular questions people ask me is.. Do you apply concealer first or after foundation?? There are no rules, but here's what I do! Did you know concealer actually has two functions? One is to highlight and one to cover up. Watch to see which one you need! (link in comments)


Great face products should look natural, light, and give you all the confidence to smile BIG! I'm wearing the products that come in the Believe In Your Selfie Collection! Need color matching!? I am an expert and would love to help! All I need from you is a picture in outside lighting and we can match you up with the perfect shade!

Who doesn't love a good highlight and contour!? Better yet... Who feels they can't achieve it!? I know I used to feel that way, then... I found our sculpting trio that comes with instructions, very detailed ones! Plus... You have this video from me to help and you can use me as your personal teacher if you treat yourself! Win/Win!! (Link in comments)

I'll admit, I used to be terrified to try new things with my eye makeup, mostly because I thought I was awful at it! Little did I know, all I had to do was try!! Who can relate!? I recently tried this halo look and fell in love!! What do you think!? Palette 4 is my favorite and this is actually SO easy!! Want to know how I did this? Stay tuned!! (link in comments)

Sometimes we want to feel feisty, our makeup can do that... We can be fierce while still wearing a halo 😎This is my favorite eye makeup look, check it out and comment below what you think, would you go with Palette 1 with the neutrals, or the palette I use, Palette 4 with the fall colors?


RACCOON EYES!!! Who does that traumatize!?!? 🙈 Do you have dark circles under your eyes halfway through the day because of your makeup? Let's talk about how to keep our liner from smearing!

Brows on fleek!! 👌🏻
Create So... How do you go about applying a mascara that will help you take flight and become even more confident than you were without those lavish lashes!? You know I've got you covered there 😉Take a peek, your lashes will never be the same! (Link in comments) perfect brow with minimal effort!

Baby got.... BROWS!!! What did you think I was going to say!? ;) Brows have always been scary to me... Thank goodness for easy pencils like this one... Can you believe I never used to touch my brows?? Looking back, I'm a little embarrassed LOL!

I'm a mascara snob.. There aren't many things out there that I'm picky about, but mascara is one of them and having lashes that can fly me away to a tropical paradise at the drop of a hat, well, that's crucial to me! I like it warm 😂But in all seriousness, I'm SO glad I found my brand! Anyone need a ride to paradise?? My lashes will fly us there 😎


My favorite thing about this makeup is that it's super simple and fast to apply, every woman's dream right 😎😍 with two little girls, one 5 and one who is 2, that makes my life much more simple! Who else loves super fast and simple like I do!? Stay tuned for proof 😘 here is my 10 minute face!

5 minutes... That's all we've got. Your husband is honking the horn and you need to look glamorous (not homeless). Don't worry. I've got you covered. This makeup routine is a necessity in my crazy life! How about you? How long do you have to get ready in the morning!? (link in comments)

We've got a few days left together... If you're anything like me, you've seen all of this stuff and you've thought to yourself, ok, how can I get as much as possible and still save money?? I've got some answers for you! And this is just one option, we've got 5 more!!

What's your lip commitment? The only thing we haven't touched on is lips, so let's get serious for a second ;)
1. Lip gloss is kind of like a first date. You're interested in some color but if it doesn't last, you're ok with that because you don't want to be tied to one color for too long.
2. Lipstick/Lip Pencil is more like a serious relationship. You want the color to last, but you aren't too sure you want to commit to anything long term in case later in the day you decide to change outfits.
3. Now.. A liquid matte lipstick/lip stain... That's a commitment. That's like marriage. You're saying I need this color to last until I die or at least till I clean it off.


So this is me being real... I joined Younique to get the $99 make up kit, after all, it has over $360 in products in it... I figured I'd at least make my money back and get some free make up... Within days, I had more then quadrupled my money, had people asking to be on my team, and others hosting classes for me. 22 months into it, I've reached the tippy top of the company, the highest rank you can achieve, I've made life changing money, have 1000 girls on my team, and have gotten over $5000 in products, free. It's crazy! So crazy that you should jump in with me! What have you got to lose? Message or comment if you're interested!

Here's my everyday. The primer, the liquid foundation, the bronzer, the lipstick, the brow liner and gel, and THE mascara. My mornings are better, I feel better....I look better! Tomorrow is the last day! Who needs color matching?
Did I mention smudgeproof liners yet?! 🤔

Here are my girls that I'll do anything for! Free make up and learning new tips and tricks with girlfriends.... I'm in! Who will host a Beauty Basics class just like this one? If 3 friends agree.. I'll send Kelly a free gift! Comment "ME" below.


Thank you so much for staying around this week! We end our time together tomorrow night. Interested in doing what I do? Message me! Need help choosing your products? Message me? Want to host your own class? Let's do it! (link in comments)

Hey!! Did you girls know, that right now, we have something incredible happening!? On the site, when you click Kudos, you'll see this sexy little thing here 😎 A liquid foundation, an eye shadow palette, and in addition, you get this cute makeup bag and a lip stain of your choice for free 😍 Who wants one before we're done in here tomorrow!? 🙋🏻

Clearly, I love bronzer. From contouring to lips and.... now onto EYES? Yep, now onto the eyes! The versatility of this bronzer is AWESOME!!!
**link to purchase on comments**


Today is our LAST day of Beauty Bootcamp! I'm going to take a little break, and do some work from my "office". Best job ever... If you're interested I can probably hook you up with an office like this too! How amazing would it be to make your own office view?

Tonight at midnight you will all be "graduates" of this Beauty Bootcamp crash course. I hope you have learned something that helps you feel more confident when you look in the mirror. Feel free to ask any questions about the topics discussed this week! Get any orders in tonight! (link in comments)

Alrighty my girls, this is it! We're closing up shop tonight at midnight pacific time, you girls have been a BLAST, I hope that you've loved this as much as I have, I hope you've learned a thing or two, I hope you've gained some new found confidence, I hope you laughed a few times and I hope you've been able to fall in love with this makeup just as much as I love it 💜

Not only does the makeup and skin care make me feel like even more of a gorgeous woman than I am without it, but this company, the brand, the experience, it has changed my life, especially being able to meet so many incredible new people everyday of my life, right here on Facebook! Thanks for being here, thank you for the fun, and don't forget to treat yourself before the clock strikes 12! (link in comments)

Thank you so much for being a part of this Beauty Basics class. It's time to say see you later, but before I do, I want to leave you with my final video and a few ways to stay in touch with me! I have a great makeup group you can be part of also! Here is the link to join:


Make sure you post THANK YOU Pics when people purchase.  If your hostess earned rewards, share what she earned.  Message those in the party to see if you can help them with color matching or product choices.