Assignment 1:

The goal in this class is to attract people to you and to your business. Nobody is attracted to negativity. You never want to bring up controversial subjects on your Facebook wall. Why not!? Bc you may upset someone and we want EVERYONE attracted to us not just someone with the exact same opinions as us. So keep it light hearted and happy! You basically want to create a life that someone would want to have. They don't want to do what you're doing if you aren't happy. So your first assignment is to create a post telling your fb world (on your wall) all the things in your life that you are thankful for. Let's cheer eachother on! Screen shot it in comments when done.




Assignment 2:

The whole point of this class is to attract people to you both personally and professionally. In order to make new friends you're going to have to put down the salesy, spammy buy here, click here to purchase posts. And while we are at it, we want our profile to be REAL. People don't want to become friends with someone who is obviously just trying to sell them something and the first impression is the best one. What do people see when they click on your profile? Your profile picture and banner should NOT be an ad of any sort. Who's going to accept your friend request when they know alls you want to do is sell to them?

Here's your assignment! Make your profile picture a photo of YOU (no sales ad!) and your banner photo something that isn't an ad either! Could be a photo of you, your kids, inspirational quote etc...something that's going to want people to say "Hey! I want to be her friend!" And also, make sure your about me section says you are an Independent Presenter with Younique (you do not work for younique corporate so if it says that get rid of it!). I even put my link on mine just in case anyone gets curious smile emoticon

Screenshot your profile below!




Assignment 3:

No matter what team you are on your team had an AMAZING day today with the Welcome back kit sales. I want you to write a status about how awesome your team did starting off the month today. Do not copy this word for word. But here is an example of something you can tweak to make it about you and your team.

Today was an unbelievable day for our team and their sales. I can't wait to see what Feb. holds. This month is on track to be the best month yet! #teamlashesfordays 

Make it yours. You don't need to have any recruits to post this. Your uplines team is your team too. Screen shot below after you do it.


Assignment 4 

Today you are going to show off a product! But you aren't going to give out the name of it or your link!!! Wait for someone to ask you!!! Here's an example of mine! Post screenshot below!

You want people to think it's THEIR idea of asking you instead of you telling them. Create curiousity



Assignment 5:

Did you know that when you PM someone it makes your post pop up first in their newsfeed? PMing your friends boost how many see your post. So tonight's assignment is to PM 5 friends who you haven't talked to recently. DO NOT DISCUSS YOUNIQUE. They will see your post. You are just building friendships. To me this seems easy but I know opening up a conversation is harder for some so here are some ideas.

-something recently happened in their life like a newborn child. Open a conversation with a congrats.
-someone said they have been ill. Message them to see if they are doing better.
-someone you haven't talked to in years now is married with a child. Tell them you were just checking out their profile and can't believe how much time has passed.
-feed off someone's status. If they ask a question PM them the answer instead of commenting.

This task will be repeated as its a big way I grow my audience. Comment done when you are done!





Assignment 6:

You are going to get facebook popular! That's right! And you aren't going to mention Younique doing it!! 

Here's what you are going to do today (make this a habit). If you aren't in many Facebook groups that have nothing to do with Younique go join at least 3. If you are already in a ton go into 3 groups that you are in and start a post! NOT ABOUT YOUNIQUE.

For instance, if you are in a group about cats. Go in there and ask a question that's going to be popular like "What is your cats favorite toy? Show us!" When people respond, RESPOND TO THEIR RESPONSES. Make friends! Add these new friends after you've had a little back and forth with them! This is going to grow your friends list and build relationships with people who will see your posts and be like "Hey, look at what she just posted...that looks interesting...." and they are literally going to come to you and take all the work out of it for you to get new customers and recruits wink emoticon

After you've joined 3 groups and started 3 conversations post DONE below!




Assignment 7:

Here's the thing: You can't expect people to want to join your or be a part of what you're doing if you don't believe in yourself as well. YOU have the ability to change your mindset about YOU. YOU have the ability to be WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE. Changing how you look at everything IS EVERYTHING. When you can turn EVERY negative thought into a positive is when you've started your journey to success!!! If you haven't watched this, you need to watch this...and if you've watched it, watch it again! POSITIVITY IS POWER. If you remain positive, you will ATTRACT people to that!!





Assignment 8:

I want you to ask a question to your Facebook audience that will get you a lot of response. I try to do this daily. I like to think of it as why use google when we have friends!? smile emoticon and you grow your audience this way by getting lots of comments. Every time someone responds reply back it'll create even more people to see it. Here are examples of questions I would ask but make it up on your own!

(Post four different colors of shoes) which do you like best? 

Favorite restaurant!?

Where do like to furniture shop!?

What would you do with one million dollars!?

Screen shot below your post!





Assignment 9:

It is EXTREMELY imperative that you be adding new friends constantly. Not just random people either! Today, go through your people you may know tool on Facebook! Maybe someone you knew from elementary school, middle school, high school, previous job etc pops up. If you know them, add them! Maybe you come across someone who has mutual friends with you.... add them and then message them and say "Hi! I see we have a lot of mutual friends in common and you look really familiar! Where did you go to school?" AGAIN, DON'T MENTION YOUNIQUE. Start a conversation!!! This is just another way to add new friends which needs to happen consistently so you are getting more exposure! 

So, today I want you to do this and make it a habit to do this often! Once you've done this, type DONE below!





Assignment 10:

Tonight we are going to shout out our WHY!!! Tell your Facebook why you do what you do. And for who. And why you will never stop.  Screenshot below your post!





Assignment 11:

Help a Y-sister out! I want you to think of someone on your team who inspires you (not me or Sara!) and post about it on their wall. Tell them what you love about them!!

Not only does it feel good for both parties involved but it's also telling the world that they want to be a part of this persons life. It's a fact that when positive things start to happen people will start to follow. 

Make this a habit also as your team needs to hear it and be validated! Sometimes we truly admire someone and never tell them when they should know! Lets practice our motto right here in our back yards smile emoticon





Assignment 13:

You know those insanely funny photos you see on Facebook that you just HAVE to share? Well, instead of sharing, save the photo and then post it yourself! Why? Because people relate to funny and they will share your photos themselves! It's kind of like cheating. I can't tell you how many times I've saved a photo and then re-shared it, it's gone viral, and I get dozens of friend requests from people who like my humor. On the regular, I probably get 5-10 friend requests a day from random people for this very reason.

Today, find a funny/useful photo that you think other people would like to re-share, save it to your phone or computer either by holding down on the photo on your phone and saving it to your camera or right clicking on the photo and saving it to your computer and then post it on your wall!




Assignment 14: 

If you want to maintain attracting people you need to be consistent. Make a board/post it/ paper so that you can check off when you do the following:

Post at LEAST 3 times a day. 

1 post about anything positive in your life
1 post that asks a question or is funny and engages people to respond
1 post about Younique (look at my lashes, look at her eyeshadow, #thanksyounique type posts)

Show me what you've made to remind yourself and where you check it off!





Assignment 15:

I want you all to watch this video. Even if you have seen it before watch it again. I have seen it at least 15 times and I still take away something from it each time. It has changed my business completely for the good. Let me know below what you learned





 Assignment 18: 

Find four pictures online that you feel you can recreate. Put them together like this in a collage and ask your audience which one they like the most? What does this do? Well you'll get tons of answers so it'll boost your fb audience but also give you an idea of looks your audience likes so you know what your future customers or current customers want to see! Post below your four pics!

Assignment 17:

I want you to post this on your wall today! Screenshot below! (copy/paste from comments)

"What if I told you that there's such a thing as being on facebook, playing with makeup, and getting paid to do both?? I do!! And it's so much fun!!" 

If you feel inclined to use emojis only use like 1 or 2...otherwise it looks spammy!





Assignment 16: 

As Younique presenters we have legitimate FUN! I want you to participate in the #eyes4U challenge! If you don't know what Im talking about, head over to the presenters only page and check it out! Shout from the rooftops that you are in a competition to win the best eye shadow looks and have fun with it!! I've had people join me just because Im having so much fun and they want to play too! Your looks may even get you a sale or two so, PARTICIPATE!! Show us your look today below!





Assignment 19:

I hope you all are taking notes of these daily tasks we are giving you! There should never be a day or time where you say "I don't know what to do today!" Here's something to add to the daily list of things to do!

Go to your list of friends on facebook every day and find 5 people that you don't ever see post on facebook or you don't even know who they are. Since you are constantly adding friends you will never run out of friends to do this with!! Go on their facebook wall and comment on their last status! This starts a relationship with this person and you will begin to see them in your feed as well as you in theirs!





Assignment 20:

Evening is a perfect time to get some interaction on your page! So it's question time again! Ask a question that lots of people could ask so that you get lots of responses. Don't ask a hard one like post a recipe. That's too much work. Just ask simple questions or say you are taking a poll. And go! Screen shot below!





Assignment 21:

We do NOT sell mascara. And if you think we do this video is especially for you. 

This video may make all of this class click for you. It may just be what you need to hear to go from buy me buy me to attracting people to you through your mission. 

This video is deep... And a lot of you need to watch it... Get ready...