One of the first things you want to do is get your launch party set up! If you haven’t already set up a party on your website with YOU as the hostess you need to go ahead and do that! That is the link you will share with your friends. The party link is good for 10 days and you will get free products if your party gets $200 or more in orders - this is on top of commission! 




During this launch party YOU will be the hostess. You will invite all your girlfriends to the closed group you have set up - this is the only party I recommend doing in a group instead of an event. You'll want it to be in a group because after the ten days is up, you'll turn this group into your private Customer Group! It’s best in my opinion to post 4-5 times a day in your launch party! The more interaction with your guests, the better! So make sure to ask questions, play games and post fun interactive post! (WATCH HOW TO SET UP A GROUP ON FACEBOOK)




You want to treat your online launch party just like a home party. If you sent out invitations in the mail you would follow up with your girlfriends to find out who is going to make it, right? So it’s the same with your online party! Once you send out your invitations you want to contact your girlfriends and make sure they saw the invite and see if they plan to attend! This message doesn’t have to be long! Just have an opening asking how they are doing and then tell them you’ve joined Younique and are so excited to share our products! No pressure to buy from the party but please join in the fun and games and support you! I also like to give the link to the group so it’s easy for them to join right from the message!


** NO GROUP MESSAGES!!!  That is NOT personal and people do NOT like it.  You need to personally invite your friends!




As your friends join the party make sure to welcome them, just like you would at a home party! You can post a photo for each person and welcome them or have one post and welcome them there! I always like to ask my friends/guests if they have tried any of our products yet! This gets great interaction going on the party plus you get a little info on what they have tried!  I also suggest posting a WELCOME VIDEO.  (WATCH AN EXAMPLE OF A WELCOME VIDEO)



Don’t be afraid to message your guests! I always try to get “behind the scenes” as I like to call it and chat with my guest! This helps me build a relationship with them and helps them build trust with me as their presenter! Then you can simply ask if they’ve made a wish list or have any questions about our products! That way you know what products they are thinking about and can help assist them in color matching or getting the products that would go hand in hand. Example: they want foundation, you help pick color and also suggest our primer!




It's important in your launch party, all of your online parties, and even in your customer group and on your personal page, that when you post about our products, you are explaining why people need them, how they will use them/fit them into their life, and what they are. That order is especially specific. WHY they need the product, HOW they will use it/it will work for them, and then, lastly, WHAT the product is!   You need to b posting 4-5 times a day in your launch party.  DO NOT WORRY about "bugging" people with too many posts.  Not everyone will see all the posts.  Most likely they will see 1-2 that you post that day.  Another helpful tip:  Post during the PEAK times on facebook.  7-8 am / noon- 1 pm / 8-10 pm.

Posts should be short, no more than 4 or 5 sentences (MAX), informative, clear and concise. Leave no room for people to be confused! Also, don't leave people wondering where to order.  People are impatient and don't want to have to look for where to order.  For every post, include, "link to order in comments" .  And then add a comment with your Younique Party Link for the party you created. 



In this post, the author clearly demonstrates the WHY, HOW, WHAT method! 

The author has also resized 3 images to fit into one, easy to see photo that is clear and representative of the product results.

The post is short and informative. 

The post engages the hostess and prompts a response, creating activity in the party. 

This post has no real direction. It doesn't tell the audience why they need the products or how they will use them and implement them in their daily routine. It has 4 separate photos, or maybe 6, it's really hard to tell. The post is jumbled and confusing. It's also spammy to have the link in the party posts. I recommend avoiding that at all costs.


People purchase "looks" and "solutions" - not makeup.  You'll have better results with your parties if you showcase a look - 1-3 products used together or show how a product solves a solution (doesn't crease, goes on smooth, hides blemishes, diminishes wrinkles, etc).  You want someone to look at your post and think "Oh, I totally need that.  Or "that looks so great. "

STEP FIVE: Use Photos of REAL people - including YOU!


The button above takes you to an awesome image library - but we've learned with younique that GRAPHICS (images that look like ads with product pictures) are not as appealing to most people. You can still use them, but pair them up with a photo of YOU or someone you know using the products - a FACE :)  No - Not MODELS .. no one wants to see model pics - they want to see REAL people.  YOU or people you know (like fellow presenters). 

Your photos and videos will have the MOST impact on your business, and it's up to you what impact they have. That's means sharing photos of YOU.   Your guests - they will trust YOU over anyone else.  They want to see the products on YOU (as much as possible).  As a new presenter you won't have every product and you don't need to. But make sure to show off the products you DO have! (GET TIPS ON HOW TO TAKE GREAT SELFIES)

** Make sure not to put filters on your pics that will alter the color or appearance of makeup if makeup is what you are aiming to promote in the picture. If the message is only about mascara, any filters are fine! Before uploading to Facebook, make sure your "Enhance Photo" filters are OFF on your phone. Otherwise they will distort the image and it will look BAD.


Make sure you are using a font that is easy to read, and the color won't make people strain to see it.
Short, sweet blurbs. Don't word vomit!
Be creative, and have fun!


STEP SIX: Download helpful apps! 


Collages are the name of the game!  Use great images with pics of you- combine them like a collage for one photo.  


Smart Phone Apps:
PhotoFy / WordSwag / Photo blend / PicCollage / VivaVideo / Word Dream / Crazy Helium App / Better Fonts / A Beautiful Mess / PicStitch

Websites you can use from your computer:
PicMonkey / piZap / Motor / Befunky



STEP SEVEN: Don't depend on JUST facebook


So, that might sound contradicting.  We just shared tips on how to have a rockin' facebook party and now we are telling you to not depend on facebook? 


First - facebook orders tend to come in WAVES.  That means it may be day 4, 5, 6 and you haven't had orders yet through your party.  KEEP KEEP KEEP posting.  4-5 times a day.  A lot of people don't purchase until day 8, 9, 10.  Don't ever 'give up' on an online party.  PLUS, sales are not the only thing you want from a party.  You are looking for future bookings and presenter and I have gotten BOTH from a party that had no sales. 



SECOND - don't depend just on facebook.  This is YOUR launch.  You want to make it BIG BIG BIG!!  As many orders as you can.  That means, start collecting orders in any way you can.  Text our friends.  Msg those you invited. Are your friends local? Invite yourself to meet up with them to show them your kit you just got.  Do you have salons in your area - go pay a visit.  Do you have people you know not on facebook... send emails, mail a note.  The goal is to get the word out.  You don't have to be salesy. Your goal is to simply let them know what you are doing now and invite them to check it out.  Collect those outside orders and have them go toward your party link. 



EVERY presener should have cash and carrry.  Either 5 sets of the mascara OR 4-5 of your favorite product.  Whatever you are going to talk about on the go.  Maybe it's cream shadows in our most popular shade (elegant) or a black liquid eyeliner.  Something you can demo on the go and keep on you to SELL.  This will not be the majority of your business, but I've literally had someone text me from seeing my car decal and pull over to buy mascara.  I've sold mascara while registering my car, while cashing a check, and while getting my hair done.  If you have it on you, you'll be more likely to talk about it, which means you'll be more likely to sell it.  FIVE mascaras gets you qualified - gets you really close to party rewards, and helps you to be MORE successful! 

PRESENTER TESTIMONIAL from Carly Reeves, Black Status 1

What is the goal for your launch party?
To get the mascara into as many hands as you can!! THAT is the goal. Let me tell you my experience and what I did during my launch party. I signed up and about 5 minutes later I had my launch party started and going. I had NO CLUE what I was doing. All I knew was the mascara I had just put on my face was amazing and that every girl in the world needed it. So I started my party and posted my selfies in there raving about the mascara. I also posted a lot on my FB wall.(If you want lots of sales you need to post about the mascara on your wall ALONG with in your party. It helps people come and check out your party group and it reaches more people). The next day after starting my launch party I called my mom, sister, 2 sister in laws, and my 3 best friends. I told them that they were going to buy this new mascara I was selling that was phenomenal and gave them the link. Every single one of them said they didn’t want any mascara. I said “I don’t care. I better get an order from you by the end of the day.” Usually I am not this demanding and pushy BUT I knew that all I had to do was get the mascara into their hands and they would fall instantly in love just like I had.



Once you've completed your launch party the goal is to book more parties with other people hosting for you.  That is how you increase your network and meet people outside of your family and friends. 



1) Book Parties

2) Sell the Products

3) Build a Team by Offering the Opportunity to EVERYONE

4) Train your team to do 1,2,3. 


Want to be really successful with Younique? 

Follow the success formula: 

1000 PRS / 3 New Presenters each and every month. 


By month 4 you'll have 12 personally sponsored and (most likely) a team of 20-50 depending on how you train them to do what you are doing. 


This business is FUN, REWARDING, and crazy AWESOME -

so go out there, be confident and go get it!