Danielle Castañeda's Party

This is a SAMPLE 10 day party!  While you can use some of the verbiage - make sure you make your OWN images and videos as your guests want to see YOU!!  


Hey Girl!
Welcome to Beauty Central:) Jacinda has decided to share with you some of her favorite things - that just happen to be my favorite too! We'll talk makeup, application, tips, tricks and even have a little fun!!  You can now consider me YOUR Younique presenter, and I can't wait to share what I love with you all!! Because...I just know you are going to love this stuff! 



I am seriously sooooo stinking excited to hang out with you guys for the next week or so! I am so proud of the videos that I have prepared for you guys!!
My name is Danielle, I am a stay at home mom of 3 beautiful girls (two of which are TWINS!!) I'm a Younique presenter.. and I. LIKE. TO. PARTY. Y'all ready for this?? See ya on Monday!!! 

I'm SO excited to hang out with you guys for the next week or so!!! We are going to touch on ALL of the things that I love, teach ya how to use them, and hopefully help you fall in love with them too!! <3 See you all first thing tomorrow morning!!


Goooood MORNING everyone!! Hi! My name is Danielle and I'm SO glad to "meet" you;)
So ,here is a photo of me with bare lashes, regular mascara and Younique's 3D+FiberLash mascara, throughout the next few days you’ll see my LOVE for this product. I want this to feel more like a conversation, and not like a sales pitch. Because ladies… whether it’s my favorite hot cocoa or mascara - I’m gonna share with everyone! I KNOW you’re gonna love this stuff!

So, are you curious how this stuff works?? Check out this quick demo, I hope it helps "seal" the deal for you! 
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Prepare to be amazed!! Watch me show off how water resistant this mascara really is.. And let’s just say, it’s worth the watch! It should also be noted that the rest of my makeup looks pretty good in the aftermath too!


I’m sure you’re thinking, okay lady give me some real info! So, here are the most popular questions that I get about these 3D FiberLashes+:
-These are NOT falsies. They are naturally-based fibers & gel.
-They are $29 plus s&h!
-It lasts approximately 3 months of worn every day!
-It goes on like regular mascara, no need to apply regular underneath;)
-It comes right off with makeup remover or face wash.
-It's gentle enough for contact lens wearers and those with the most sensitive eyes! 
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Y'all are gonna think I'm CRAZY (well.. I'm sure you did before!) But, this is my absolutely favorite trick to lock in that curl and get that lash length of my dreams!! 
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Alright ladies, it’s the end of the day. Dinner is done, kids are in bed and it’s time to wind down - part of that for me is washing my face (even if I love my makeup look that day!) 
I wanted to share with you one of the first questions I asked before buying this mascara..."how does it come off?" And I'm sure you're wondering the same thing! So, here is a super quick video to show you how I do it:) 
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My daughter and I had a "mommy and me" session not too long ago, and she did my makeup for me!! ...as much as I looooved this look haha, I love my Shine Cloths even more!! Moisturized, makeup removed AND nourished? Yes, please!!
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What do you look for in a facial cleanser? Is it something gentle? Poor-cleansing? What about something tailored to your skin that’s more prone to oiliness? Something so easy as wiping it all away! Either way… I’ve got the thing for you!
**link to purchase in comments**Say whaaa?!

Moisturizer is not optional! Especially if washing your face is something that you are really good about doing on a daily basis (let’s be honest… we’ve both got those days when we’re just too tired!!) Just watch this short video about why It’s important for EVERYONE to use moisturizer!
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What comes to your mind when I say the word “primer?” Painted walls? Base coat for your nail polish? Over a year ago, I didn’t know a THING about it. I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve learned about our Glorious Face and Eye Primer!
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What could an orange possibly do to help me show off the Glorious Primer?? Take a look at this super short video… and you just might be surprised how much you’ll love these crazy awesome results!
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WHY should everyone use primer? WHAT can it do for you? WHY is it so important? Those are the questions I had when I even thought about primer… and I’m thinking that you may Just have these questions too. Here are my tips and uses of primer that I know will knock your socks off!
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I wanted to take a little break from talking about the products today, and let you all know just why I'm here, and why I do what I do!
This may be hard to believe - but, I had doubts about this business too! now? There are so many reasons that I know that this was one of the very best decisions I have ever made! <3
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When I first joined Younique, all this tired mama wanted to do was be able to pay for her monthly time at the salon...instead of putting my toddler to work;) 
Ya know, my “me time” -- and boy, was I surprised when it became SO much more than that!! I can’t believe how much more of a happy wife and mother I have become… and I have FOUND myself again! I’m able to remember that I’m a woman too, I couldn’t be happier! 
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ONTO concealer, shall we??
I have to say, concealer may definitely be on my Top 5 list of products (and that’s a SUPER long list haha) I know that everyone has their ways of doing things, but I love LOVE sharing the tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way. So, here’s how I apply my concealer… on the days I actually do my makeup! 
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Before I started with Younique and researched how to “hone” my makeup skills, I was ALWAYS a concealer girl. But, I DID IT ALL WRONG!! I have learned a few things that I feel that I just have to share with you all! I would be a terrible friend if I didn’t!
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Am I crazy.. Or is choosing your foundation shade WAY too hard?? It shouldn’t be. And that’s where I come in, here are the things that every woman should know when looking for that perfect foundation!
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So, now that we’ve found the right shade, and we know just how the right foundation shade can make you feel, NOW we need to make sure we find that right foundation, or even foundation combo that’s right for YOUR skin type! 
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I’m not going to lie. The thought of “contouring” had me shaking in my boots. And I definitely won’t be sharing any of the photos of me practicing. YIKES!! But, you know what?? There’s always a simpler way of doing things -- in comes Bronzer!! This is what I like to call “The REAL woman’s contour.”
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Lip BonBons and A bronzing compact?? SAY IT ISN’T SO! I know, I know.. I’m a little crazy, but hey, it works! and I love the results!
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Clearly, I love bronzer. From contouring to lips and.... now onto EYES? Yep, now onto the eyes! The versatility of this bronzer is AWESOME!!!
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Thank you SO much for your order Sarah Scott💜 I just know you are going to LOVE your Glorious Face and Eye primer!!

Let me know if you don't get my FB message!


Say WHAT?!? Only 3 days left?? Oh boy, we have got some work to do to get Jacinda some free makeup!! Is there anything on your wishlist??
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Before we go in to the last couple days of product knowledge and demos, I just HAD to share his video with you. It's so important to me that I help spread this message, and spread awareness and education of childhood sexual abuse. 

This is an epidemic, and we are doing all that we can to help lower the statistics and help #defendinnocence!
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Day 8 Post 3

As promised! Ombré lip video 💗💜💋

1. Line lips in darkest shade 
2. White liner in middle of bottom lip
3. Middle shade every where else
4. Lipgloss to blend it all together!

** can be done with any colors!


With just today and tomorrow to rock this out, today I wanna talk about brows and eye shadow! You ready for this??

Brows are up first, how many of you are terrified of trying to get that brow shape of your dreams?!? Well, have no fear!! I'm here to help...I've got a few simple tips and tricks to get those brows to be BANGIN!!
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Ever wonder what shades or eye shadow colors would work best for your eye color?? Well, this is my favorite diagram to help you choose the right shades just for you!! Plus, whether it's a cream shadow, pressed shadows in the palettes or even a loose mineral eye shadow pigment... we've got something for EVERY eye color!
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It's that time ladies!! Here are my tips and tricks for the EVERY brow!! So simple, and yet makes such a big difference!
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EYESHADOW!! So, here are 2 of my favorite, simple looks that everyone can do -- then we'll go on to talk about lips and liners as the day goes on..

REMEMBER: it's the LAST day to help Jacinda earn even more free makeup!! <3
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Love you some lips? I know I do! BUT- what kind of commitment are you in with your lip products? It is different for me day to day, and girl, I love me some options! 
Are you a:
Lip Gloss girl? You’ve got a first date kind of lip commitment!
Lipstick Lover? Serious relationships are yo thang!
Lip Stain Diva? Your lip commitment is MARRIAGE material girl! **link to order in comments**

How many of you hear the word "winged liner" and run the other direction? What about using liquid liner? NO MORE!! Here is a simple step-by-step plan to master both and feel like a pro!
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Today I wanna talk about liners and lips. Now, I know that eye liner is something that most of us ladies LOVE to have in our makeup bags...BUT, I need to tell you just how awesome our liners are, and just you should consider them as a part of your eye makeup lineup from now on!
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I'm TOTALLY a lip stain gal...ALL the way!!! I also have a few trade secrets on how to make them look the BEST always!
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Jacinda would love you forever and ever! Haha
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