Write out your 10 Easy Contacts

These are the people you think would be the most likely to purchase from you.  Think of family and friends that would support you.  


"Hey there! I'd love for you to try this mascara, compare it to what you're already using and give me feedback."

Write out your 10 Best Contacts

These are the people you would LOVE to have on your Younique team. Think of people that are ALREADY successful in what they do. Also, think of connections you know, as they are more likely to join Younique:

1) in the medical field (nurses/ assistants / ER techs)

2) already own their own business (selling on etsy / refurnishing furniture)

3) creative (photographers / artists / makeup artists / graphic designers

4) already in direct sales


Ask them for their opinion on your new business.  Tell them you respect them for _____ .  And that you''re starting something new and you'd love their opinion on how to grow in their area (or your area).

When you have someone that is interested in joining or getting more info -- get them into a 3-way chat with your upline ELITE or black status leader to help you CLOSE and share the info.   ** THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! **  We want to show prospects that they do NOT need to know everything to be successful!   Using a 3rd party tool is CRUCIAL!