Natalie Jarrett script...

Speedy Tip!
Save this script to the notes in your phone!
That way each day you just copy and paste the hostesses message from your notes! I've also included the message to send to those interested and the message to use to sponsor your hostess! Copy and paste!

Day 1
Awesome! Let's start today! Here is your first post! Just copy and paste on your wall with this photo! Easy!

LADIES!!!! I'm super excited to finally get my hands on this amazing mascara!!!! Its been sold out for months but my friend Natalie can hook us up with a sweet deal! It's a 1 step mascara that gives the look of falsies!! Seriously most have to wait months for this stuff!! If you want one, comment me! Nat will give us the goods!!

Day 2

Hey Luv! Here is day 2 post!!

Wow!!! So many of you have already scooped up this one step crazyness!! Natalie is doing up a special deal just for my friends but we only have till Friday!! Let me know if you want in on our group order! This stuff looks amazing!!!!

Day 3

Still Rockin it!! Here’s todays post! WOW!! I can't wait till mine comes😄 Anyone else want in on the deal Natalie put together for us? Its FANTASTIC!!

Day 4

Only 2 days left, see how easy this is Heres Your post today...

OOOHHH THIS IS COOL!!! Another option for you guys which is super sweet!!! If you've ever wanted to make some extra money playing on Facebook (Nat will teach you everything to make some cash!) or grab up a ton of makeup super cheap and a forever discount, this beauty bundle gives you so many goodies for cheap! You get the 4D, Bronzer, a palette, another mascara and so much more!

Day 5

Hey!! You are at x!!! So just need x more to get the free 4d! Dont worry if you don't get it, I'll still send you something!! ♥️
Todays post!
Ladies!!! Last day to scoop up the sweet deal Natalie is doing just for us!! And she can ship it out to us right away!! I'm so excited to finally get my hands on this!! Who wants one with me?

When someone comments interested:

Thanks for commenting on x post! I’d love to hook you up with the 4D mascara!! Its so amazing, its been sold out for months! Its a one step mascara with built in interlocking fibers that actually extend the look of each lash!! Its $35 for a 3 month supply, and for x friends I’m covering Shipping (so you save US$5.50!) All I need is your address to place the order!

Send this message to hostess as soon as she has comments on her post:

So as you see, you have a lot interested!! You are amazing!! So before I start collecting money, if you've ever thought about joining, it may be worth while for you to do it so you earn the commissions. I'd still help with your posts, but youd make the cash. No pressure either way😉



You can also offer the opportunity, here! Show them this is how simple it is to be a Presenter! If they can copy/paste, they too can run a business! If they are not interested in becoming a Presenter, you can offer the affiliate program to their friends OR even the opportunity to anyone who bought the mascara.



* WRITE DOWN the name of those that commented on the posts or liked / showed interest.  This can be in a notebook / planner / notes on your phone - or my personal preference (a trello board)  Even if they do not purchase NOW, this person is now a WARM lead and may very well purchase over the next couple months as they get to trust you and see more of what you do.   PLUS, this is a perfect list to ask for your next affiliates OR to invite to an online event (like a flash sale or foundation how-to, etc . . . )

*  Add anyone interested in the mascara as a FRIEND on social media

* Invite all interested (plus your affiliates) to your VIP group or to like your business page.

* Follow up with any open conversations you might have going.

Thank your affiliates and close out any contests you might have going between them!


For anyone that doesn't shop directly through the affiliate link, you can offer to make it easy by sending an invoice or requesting money through Facebook, Venmo, etc . . .

If you do orders this way, do not forget to place them (under your affiliate's link) and get the correct products to the right customers.

CONGRATS!!!  You did it!!

Well done!!!  Now, do it again next week, teach your team to do the exact same thing, and watch your business thrive and grow!