Kelly Sarno's Party

This is a SAMPLE 10 day party!  While you can use some of the verbiage - make sure you make your OWN images and videos as your guests want to see YOU!!   PLUS, we don't want images FLAGGED by facebook (which happens if they get used too often). 


Welcome to your EXCLUSIVE Online Makeup Lessons with me! So thankful to your hostess for having me! Check out this short welcome and what to expect over the next few days!!


Don't worry ladies! I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to take your lashes to a whole new level!

Before we go any further!!!! You have to watch this magic 3D+ Fiber Mascara !! It really is that good!

My favorite redhead nailed it!! 😂


Dark circles? Acne scars? Uneven skin tone? You came to the right spot!!! You have to see this concealer in action!

Yup! The concealer absolutely worked! 😂
Shopping link is here to cover yours!

Before we go into our AMAZING options for color matching, I need your help with something! Take this quiz and let me know what it says! When your done send me a selfie here so I can confirm!! Your lovely hostess with the mostest has agreed to go first!

Doesn't matter if you have oily skin or extremely dry skin. I have an option for everyone and can absolutely help you choose the best for you! Let's start here!


MORNING LADIES! Don't forget this shopping link is up and running and ready to go! So excited to get into some color today! Remember, if there is a specific look you'd like to see, just ask! All orders can go here! (link)

Ok, I've got you covered and color matched! NOW WHAT?! Let's create some warmth dimension with a pop of color!! 

Grab your favorite color through your shopping link here! (link)

Blush and Bronzer options!! 
All the pretty things!! 💜💜


I'm always asked how to create a good solid brow! Well, stick around and find out!! Full tutorial coming up!

Brows on fleek!! 👌🏻
Create the perfect brow with minimal effort!

With new colors being released once a month SPLURGE shadows are where it's AT! Tune in soon to see my FAVORITE product and how you can save money on your favorites!!

Hands down. Most favorite product ever. They couldn't make simple more gorgeous. You HAVE to see this!! SPLURGE!


💜Addiction Palettes!!💜
5 to choose from means something for everyone! And 7 shades in one palette means OPTIONS! Oh, and a little magic trick too!

Luckily it won't be too long! Your orders process within 3 hours and ship ASAP! So I waiting til the end of the party!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Here they are! In all their glory! 💜
Which is your favorite??


Just a reminder. 
Be great today 💋

KUDOS to you ladies!! No, really. Customers totally get sweet deals! Here is my favorite one and some trendy liquid lips!!
Did I mention smudgeproof liners yet?! 🤔

These liquid lips. I swear. Obsessed!
Don't forget for this month you pick three and get the lip exfoliate for free! BOOM! 
I love free stuff.


💋💋Let's talk lips!💋💋
We have something for everyone! And I'll show you a GORGEOUS neutral look that works for everyone!!

Just some of the GORGEOUS options we have for lips!! Need to find the perfect shade? Comment below and let's figure it out! Already know?? Place your order here!  (link)

Clearly, I love bronzer. From contouring to lips and.... now onto EYES? Yep, now onto the eyes! The versatility of this bronzer is AWESOME!!!
**link to purchase on comments**


Here is how I start my day!! Skin care is SO important! And I'm going to show you why!!

This is The full Monty ladies! Everything you need for flawless skin all wrapped up in one collection! Don't forget to look for all your favorites under sets and collections so that you can save some $$!  (link)

Step one to getting ready for bed! NIGHT TIME skin care routine! There are TWO things I never knew were so crucial to having flawless skin! Watch here to find out what they are!

Let's detox!!! My absolute FAVORITE way to end the day and get rid of the daily grime!! You're gonna love this one! Don't laugh!


Want to find out how you can get this amazing collection for only $99 plus MAJOR PERKS?! Don't miss the LAST VIDEO of the day!

Now it's time for me to say good bye! Your hostess's shopping link will close at MIDNIGHT tonight! But watch here to find out how the fun doesn't have to end!