Last Minute Sales Ideas

Here are some tried and true ideas to help you push your sales to help you reach that next level or promotion! 


Pick 15 girl friends…. The girls must know you, Know that you sell Younique and have purchased from you before. 

Then message this to her….
“Hey girl!” I’m in a contest tonight…. But just until midnight!! Would you be willing to take a peek at my (insert the type of product you sell here) super quick and consider helping me by placing a $15 order? That’s it!! If so, Just holler and I’ll send you the link to my website. 

When she writes you back that she is willing to help you.. THEN send her this:

“OMG! Thank you, thank you!! Here is the link, I’ll check back in with you later tonight! You Rock!”

Fairy Godmother tips…
1. When you’re choosing who to message, be sure you can answer ‘yes’ to each of these questions. A) Do I know this person well? 😎 Does she know what I sell? C) Has she ordered from me before? D) Will she be on Facebook tonight?
2. Don’t be tempted in that first message to send your link Get her response that she’s willing to help you, before you throw the link at her. Your message will be received better.

Comment CINDERELLA if you accept! IF YOU JUST STARTED I WANT YOU TO SEND THIS MESSAGE TO 15 people...hey girl I just started selling with Younique and thought it would be something you might like would you mind taking a look at might website and telling me your thoughts?

This post was inspired by the tag team and written by Angela Roper! It's been super successful give it a go!
Message 20 people, but the requirements of the people you message are that:
~ She loves and cares for you.
~ She knows you well.
~ She knows what you do.
~ She ordered from you before.
~ She will be on Facebook tonight.
^^ If YES than that person is someone you will include in those 20 people.
Now send her this:
Hey Girl. listen, I’m in a contest tonight, but just until midnight. Would you be willing to take a peak at the line and consider helping me by placing a $15 order? (that includes anything from lip gloss to lip and eye liners!) If so, just holler and I’ll send you the link to my catalog! If you have PayPal I can even get it ordered for you myself!
DON’T BE TEMPTED TO JUST LINK THE CATALOG RIGHT THEN AND THERE! Give her a chance to respond “YES, I would love to help you!"
When they say yes, respond….
OMG! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! Here’s the album! You rock! I am so grateful!
If you don't have an album give her the online flip catalog!! DO NOT just send her your link send her the link to the catalog.
Here is the link to the catalog::
You could even try men who fit these requirements and remind them what great gifts and stocking stuffers our products make! Try this then tell me how much you sell on the day you do it!