How to find Hostesses


Post on your wall: Who wants free makeup

Here’s the deal 🤗 I want you to get some free makeup! All you have to do is let me show off some products to your friends 😍 It’s a quick 30 minute live video in an EXCLUSIVE event just for you and your girls 💋 Does this work for you?!

If yes: Great! I have “such and such” available time and date. Is that cool?

(Don’t leave them with open ended questions like “what time and day are good for you?” We’re busy women, set a time every party day and try to stick to it. Mine are noon and 5:30 pm, you choose the times that the beauty of it!! If one a day works better then do that

Once that’s confirmed ask for their email address to set up their party link. You’ll use the link in step 2.

(Note) I give out five mascaras and I message them they must add 25 people (have 25 confirmed not just invited) I use y cash! If that doesn't work for you tell them they get free makeup when their party qualifies!! (This part is all up to you ).

STEP 1: You book a party with a hostess

STEP 2: Choose ONE date - probably an evening. Most likely it will be about a week out.  SOOOO- you won’t have a ten day party.  You’ll have 5-6 days leading up to a ONE NIGHT live party on facebook. The actual live event will last about 30 minutes.  I only do a FIVE day Party with these. Still set up a 10 day party, but have your live event happen right in the middle of that 10 days.  You can post the link in the description just in case someone wants to shop before the event.  Then keep the event open for a few days after. 

STEP 3: Create the EVENT (not group).  The Tag Team Gals were actually super confused why younique presenters were doing groups because they felt like it was kind of spammy- as people don’t get to choose as to whether they are included or not... Not a great way for building personal relationships.  “how did I get added to this” “or how did I get out of this.” And it’s a pain to invite people to a group as you have to add them one at a time.  Plus you can’t delete the group unless you personally remove every single person from the group.  

Now, you need to know that only the people that RSVP to the event will be notified of your posts. But you can ensure people see the event by sending personal messages.  Then it's super important to get people to RSVP!! 

STEP 4: Make the name of your event fun.   “mary jo’s facebook party” isn’t fun.
Be creative- have fun... something that get’s people excited and interested. My suggestion is to NOT name it "party"   Something like "Kelly's Crazy Awesome Beauty Boutique",  "Get Fabulash with Kelly", or "Makeup with Stacey"...   Have fun with it! ​


STEP 5: Add a really fun photo on the event.  
Have the image communicate a WOW invitation.  Needs to have a FUN image and words that pull them in.  You need to give people some kind of incentive to RSVP.  

“the first 20 people to RSVP going or maybe will be entered to win a free lipgloss” (or eye shadow pigments).

Whatever you decide to give -- it needs to have a perceived value of $10-$15 

STEP 6: HOSTESS COACH.  This is VITAL.   VITAL!!!!  The BIGGEST Key to Success is HOSTESS COACHING.  You need to coach your host on what she needs to do to be successful.  

Job of your hostess: get people to the event and get them excited.  Welcome people to the event.  She needs to treat the event just like if it was an event in her home. 

Teach her how to invite people.  She needs to send a PERSONAL message to EVERY person she is inviting.  Keep the event personal.  In order to have a really successful event she needs 25 & 30 people to say YES I’m attending this party.  Tell her you need her to invite about 50 people in order to get the 20-30 there. DON’T tell her to invite every single person she knows. 

It’s HER job to get people to attend, not yours.  You need to teach her how to do that.  Make sure the hostess knows what is expected of her. 

It’s really important for the hostess to be vocal.  Her job is to get people there and to get them excited and pumped up. 

Tell the hostess to send a private individual message. NO MASS MESSAGES.  To each person she has invited, she needs to tell them about the facebook party.  The goal is to remind her friends to take a peek at what she’s planned.  It needs to be short and sweet and it needs to include the event link. 

The invitation needs to have a call to action.  And there needs to be an incentive to respond.  You want them to be inspired to join the event.  Hostess is making it easy for her friends to RSVP and that’s the bottom line. 

You need to help make it a little easier for her so she can just COPY & PASTE this invitation to her friends. ... She doesn’t need to come up with it-- You tell her what to write.

EX: (side note- I missed a few words in the invitation example - but this gives you a good idea)

“Hey Mary, 

I thought of YOU.  Did you see the invitation.  There’s this new amazing mascara that I’m in love with. I’m doing a fb party and invited you. 

It’s 30 minutes and it’s happening right here on facebook.  So you can stay in your jammies! 

So check it out if you want.  If you RSVP my lash lady is giving away a prize -- just sayin!



** Have a loud voice on the event wall is just as important. 

** Make sure you send the hostess plenty of product to sample and tryout BEFORE her party.  Invest in your hostess.  Encourage her to post pictures of herself wearing the makeup.  Tag her friends to start the conversation.  The more talking before the party the better.  Relationships are the bottom line. 






Creating and Setting up the Event


A) Do not add hostess or allow her to add any friends yet)

B) Name your Event:   Party name: _______’s Beauty Bash (Do not use the word party)

C) Customize/add cover photo: Use the buttons below for more cover image options. You can use the apps: "Word Swag" or "Over"  to add their name to the image to make it more personal. 

D) Set date and time as discussed 

      Location: Your phone or laptop

      Details/Description: “Hey ladies!! Welcome to _________’s Beauty Bash! I, (your name), Exclusive Status Presenter with Younique Cosmetics I will do a live, fast-paced, flash sale showing off some of my most popular products and how to utilize them ALL in 30 minutes. There’s a giveaway coming soon so make sure you have notifications on!

If you would like to check out any of our products or see this month's special before the live sale just click the link below 💋
(Party link) “


E) Click save event and move onto step 3.


Inviting & Hostess Coaching


A) Add your hostess to the group

B) Ask her to invite UP TO (no more) 50 women and message them personally after the invites have been sent


C)Message script for hostess to send:
Hey girl! Can I get you added to my 30 minute Beauty bash happening on (Date and time). It’s all online and all you have to do is watch the live video that (your name) does. She will do a super fun, fast-paced, flash sale style event showing the most popular products that Younique offers and how to use them all in 30 minutes! There will be a giveaway in there and it’s all done right from your she's so fun to watch and even if you don't need any makeup you'll love to watch her!
I'll include the event link if this is something you're interested in !!!!!


What to do the Day Before


Do this in the morning or before noon: 

A) Hostess incentive message script:
“Hey girl! If you can get 25 RSVPs to your event then you’ll get another extra little goodie from me. All you have to do is share the event on your personal Facebook page and tell them there’s going to be a giveaway during a 30 minute live video and it’s sure to be loads of fun.” You can send her a follow up message for her girls she invited! I advise them to write down who they invited to make it easier

My follow up message is simple:

Hey girl my party starts tomorrow if you still wanted a chance at giveaways and see my girl do a super fun 30 minute look here's the link again! I'd love you to be a part of this

B) PARTY POST #1: Ours vs. Theirs Script

“Okay guys... I wouldn’t be a proper presenter if I didn’t give y’all a sneak peek of our most popular product EVER. This is a picture of me today wearing two coats of our mascara vs. two coats of another brand mascara. THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THIS ☺️ I will be demoing our mascara live tomorrow just for you guys 😘” (You’ll Post a photo something like the one I’ve provided) **FYI, I used 4D and Mary Kay on the other**

**TIP: It’s best to use another mascara product rather than just ours with and without. Why? Otherwise it just looks like one done eye and one that isn’t and they don’t have anything to compare it to. Show them the difference because our mascara is BOMB and we all know it ☺️**

C) Interact and respond to any comments




Okay ladies, which makeup look best describes you?
A. Glam Girl
B. Wild Child
C. I have no clue what I’m doing
D. All Natural
**Picture provided**

-This is intended as an icebreaker and to help you get to know the party guests.

-Comments And interaction from you are

Moving on.




-Post “Who can relate? 😂🙋🏼‍♀️”

-Find a funny makeup meme. I’ve posted some examples below.

*Comment And interact**

Moving on to step 7

Be creative with this


The day of event (3 hours prior to scheduled time)

Screen Shot 2019-12-21 at 10.11.23

-What it is, how it works, and use your personal experience. **Choose a product**

Example post: Introducing one of my most popular items right now and always will be is our bronzer

This product gives you that summer glow year round, you can use this is shadow, highlight and bronzer! Legit my fave and it comes in three colors!

I use this to contour my cheeks, forehead, nose and lip

If you want a darker contour you could use a concealer 3 shades darker than your foundation!! We will cover that later

**Make this personal**

Move to step 8.


One hour prior event


-Post: “Check in HERE to be entered in the giveaway drawing. Please comment below your with your email address (for invoicing purposes only), where you’re watching from, and how you know the hostess.”

-Use the photo above or download from the button below.

-Write down names on small pieces of paper as they check in so you’ll have them ready for the drawing during your live.

**This will be the ONLY way they’re able to be entered into the drawing and it needs to be done BEFORE your live starts**


5 Minutes before the Event


-Post: “Make sure you've checked in on the previous post so you can be entered in the drawing for the freebie 😍”

-Use the graphic above or download some others from the button below

-Add any other check in names to bowl or cup to be ready for drawing, before your FB live starts.

Now it's time to party y'all


How you will do your live (this must be live )

Choose 6-8 products you cannot live without use sticky notes to number them prior

Now your live make the caption of video how to slay your face in 30 minutes using these products!!

Once live say hello and thank them for being there, thank the host and then start! Interact with them ask them what they're up to tonight, what's for dinner, have they heard of younique, heard about the mascara just talk a lot keep it entertaining!! Be you times two!!

You will start with product number 1 (mine is primer) you'll put it on and tell them what it does and say if you have interest in this drop a one below.... explain that throughout the video if they want anything drop the number to the product they would like.

Move on to product 2 (I use concealer and I explain it can be used for extra coverage or highlight and contour ) continue to step 3 I use bb cream! Again say drop a 3 if you would like to be color matched! Ect.

Once you're about done 25 minutes later say if you'd like a package deal on these items drop me a fire emoji!! (Or whatever you'd like to say you could say drop the word bundle)!

You will private messages them collection options if they say bundle!

When the video is about done I say I would be a terrible host if I didn't show you are huge august (or whatever month) it is bundle! I show them the kit very quick! I don't mention anything about being a presenter! (My host knows I'm offering that and if someone buys a kit I'll give her an extra $10 y cash and half off)(when the half offs go away I'll offer her $20 y cash only )

I Finish the video with thanking them and letting them know I will message them all that wanted any help and invoice them so there is no hassle on there end

Onto step 11



Step 11: color matching/ invoicing

This is super simple and totally up to you!

So I message them all and say first of all thank for joining the party tonight!! What can I help you with I see you wanted the bb cream (or whatever) have you ever used younique? Keep it personal ask questions and truly care about them! Once we get it all figured out I say perfect I'll order for you what's your email address and shipping address I'll invoice you through your email (I use square because you can get free processing with that, I'll post a link in comments) or ask your sponsor first if she has a link if not then it's below!

So I say okay invoice sent babe! Now I'm going to order all products as soon as I have all orders because I'll do a collection of possible to save me money!!

I charge each person $4 shipping
Each person I charge their state tax! (Google is my bestie )

You can also invoice through pay pal or vemmo



“Please pay invoices ASAP. I can’t place orders and our hostess can not earn her credits until all invoices are paid” 😘

Thanks babes💋Jenny

**Use graphic ABOVE**

(not sure how to send invoices?  Google "how to send invoices via paypal" or reach our to your sponsor or upline).