This is SUCH an important step because this is where DUPLICATION happens in your business!!  Right from the moment you sign someone up and help them get started. 

Because, whatever YOU do with your new presenter, is what THEY will do with theirs. 



Welcome them on Social Media

(your wall / their wall / the team group / the team chat)

You don't have to create a fancy image - although creating a collage is simple.  But even just using their profile picture works!  We want to help them feel welcome and part of our SQUAD right from the start!



This is a resource they can keep handy - plus include links to our facebook team group, website, etc . .

You can use the SAME email your sponsor sent YOU or use the sample below as a guide to make your own. 


I like to attach the PATH to PINK PDF from corporate

Send your New Presenter a WELCOME EMAIL:

Here is a SAMPLE:


Hi Betsy!!   I'm so excited to have you as part of our Younique organization!!   I think you are really going to love it!   My name is Michelle Bell and I'm your upline Black Status leader. I'm in Denver, CO in the USA. 

I wanted to pass on some great helpful info for getting started.  Also - please feel free to add me as a friend on fb!   I'm here to help you get started with your biz!!  Please let me know of any questions you have.   I would also love to set up a time to chat with you about your goals for your new business and getting off to a great start.  Please let me know what day / time works the best for you. 

Make note of our Team Training Site! TONS of resources there to help you succeed!   Save this to the HOMESCREEN on your phone for easy access! 



for a simple 10 step list on what to do right away!


I can't wait to help you create a successful business with Younique!!

:) Michelle Bell

(insert your name and contact info here)