Online Makeup Class

How to have a Makeup Class instead of a Party!


Are you noticing not as many people are saying yes to parties? The best parties are those that add value! To add value you must plan this out! But.... What if you offered a 5 day makeup class, instead of an online party?!?????! What if it was catered to your audience!


Well Michele Lester-Carrier and Krystina McKeehan came up with this idea.  We have brainstormed a template and she has already putting it into action and is getting amazing feedback!! (From someone who told her "NO" on a party, but was soo excited to do the makeup class!)

Her hostesss response was, "I might actually buy makeup if I knew how to do it!!!!!"
She's booked 4 of these classes already!

So how does this makeup class work!!!!!!


It will be 5 days.. Because offering a makeup class you must have at minimum 10 class tutorial videos finished before you even offer a makeup class to anyone..... (Title these video fun titles, get ideas off YouTube!) here's a few we came up with!!
•Big Nose Gone
•5 Pro Makeup Tips
•Perfect Pouty lip
•Product order before makeup
•How to apply foundation and concealer 
•How to choose your correct foundation and color
•Instant Face Lift
•Highlighting and contouring face
•How to create cheek bones
•How to create beautiful natural looking brow
•How to choose an eye shadow 
•How to apply eye shadow 
•Different uses of a palette
•Create a smokey eye
•Make eyes appear bigger
• ways to apply eye liner
•How to pick a lip product
•Make lipstick last longer
•Create a fuller lip
•Create an ombre lip
•Create famous Marilyn Monroe red lip
•Matte Lips with Any color
•Totally flawless even Instant BEACH Glow
Once your videos are complete


you will find your hostesses send messages such as:

Hey lady I doing something totally new and different, but I'm actually looking to see if you would like to host an online makeup class!!! It's based 100%on the needs of your friends. There's so much makeup going around, but there's such a need for women to know how to do it! Would you be interested?!?!


#3) once she says yes send her the names of your makeup class videos you have completed. Your hostess will then choose 2 classes. And you will let her friends pick the next- this will be a 5 day makeup class, so you need 5 classes picked total.


#3) post your opening video (like the one I posted below). Then have her add all her friends.


#4) then a few hours later, post a post saying what two classes the hostess has chosen along with a poll using the free website
Let all her friends take the poll and the top 3 classes voted for are the winners
(Hostess is the tie-breaker of needed)


#5) once all 5 classes are decided, announce this and let them know you will post one makeup class video each day. You are their to help and answer their personal questions as well. You are their personal makeup artist!


#6) first post each day post their makeup class video, 2nd post make a picture showing results and asking if anyone has questions.


#7) feel free to answer their questions in a video, or go live on your page and make sure you are friends with them, so they can ask you personally. This is up to you how you handle questions.


#8) if anyone buys, be sure to thank them using images of you, or adding makeup tips or tricks on the thank you image. At the end thank everyone, and let them
Know they can join your VIP PAGE for more tips and tricks. And if they would like to host their own makeup class, they could earn free products possibly and get to choose 2 makeup class videos of their choice to 
Better teach them how to do their makeup:)


LETS SET OURSELVES APART LADIES! Let's add value! Instead of focusing on the sale! Create the relationship and teach them something!!! They will want the products you are using in the video if they want to create that same look💜