How To Reach Pink Status

* 250 PRS (personal retail sales).  

   This is the amount you need to sell in one CALENDAR month 


* 1 Qualified Presenter

   (Someone you've personally sponsored that sells 125 PRS in one CALENDAR month)


* 2000 CWS (company wholesale)

   This is the amount your entire team needs to sell.  This includes YOUR sales. 

   This is the WHOLESALE amount.  That is 75% of retail. 


Know the requirements to reach pink status 

Put together a PLAN! 

NOTHING happens without a plan.  No promotions happen by accident.  You MUST create a plan.  Create a plan for your PERSONAL BUSINESS and a plan for your TEAM BUSINESS.   Your goal should center around hitting pink in THIRTY DAYS.  Whether you are white status OR yellow status, have sponsored 0 presenters or 4 presenters, you can hit pink status! 



While the minimum for sales is 250 PRS, realistically to hit pink status, you want to aim for 500 - 1000 PRS.  I'm a FIRM believer that while you need a team to promote, you never want to leave your promotion soley in the hands of your team.  You need to ensure that your sales are the majority of your team sales. Decide on a specific PRS goal and divide it up by the weeks.  For example, if you want to reach 1000 PRS by the end of the month, you need to have 250 PRS by the end of the first week. 


Next, decide WHAT sales activities will make up your month.  My average online party sales are 200 PRS.  Some parties are busts - but that is my average between great parties and terrible parties.  So - if I want to have 1000 PRS I need to have at least 5 parties.


Parties, while recommended, are NOT the only way to sell.  

Check out these SALES TIPS.  


** Important!!  Tell your sponsor & upline elite what your plans are so they can cheer you on and help as needed :) **



Create a MAP for your team!

Once you have a team it's time to start creating a Business Map!!  




Since you need 2000 CWS to reach pink status, you need to know EXACTLY where that volume is going to come from.  It's not going to come from getting lucky or crossing fingers and hoping it will happen.  


1) TALK with your team.  A great leader COMMUNICATES with their team.  Ask questions.  Know their goals.  You need to know exactly what their plans are for the month.... not just their sales goals, but the actions that are going to do to make it happen. 


2) WRITE OUT YOUR PLAN.  See the example below: 

ME - 1000 PRS


Stacey - 200 PRS

Cara - 500 PRS (

Tiffany - 29 PRS (hobbyist)

Jessica - 937 PRS (she has 5 parties booked)

Anna - 0 PRS (she's taking a break)


= 2666 PRS 


To find the CWS, take 2666 * .75 = 2000 CWS




Alright ladies!!! We will be adding girls to this group through TODAY only! Our Yellow to Pink Group will go from Today until the end of the month! If you are part of this group, it's because you have stated that you WANT THIS, and that you are in 110% with Younique, and you are ready to build your business and your team!! We will be challenging each of you to push yourselves, and will be expecting you ALL to complete each and EVERY task that we assign to you! So get ready girls! We are going to take you to the top, one promotion at a time! ( post a motivational pic) 


Okay ladies let's get rocking and rolling! Your first goal is to be Qualified (Sells of 125) by tomorrow night!! If you want to be successful this month you have got to get rolling and EVERYONE in here should have already placed their order for the kudos or the new Splurge Cream Shadow!


Make a video explaining that the group is for only people that really want this. Explain how much time you are spending on the group so it's important that everyone gives all they got and push hard. And please know there will be tasks and challenges and will ask for proof and want to spend our time and effort on the ladies that really really want this.


Today's checklist!
~MUST BE QUALIFIED ($125 in sales) by midnight!
~Comment your goals below! A goal has to be measurable you cant just say i want to hit pink you need to lay it out! EACH of you needs to have minimum sales of $1500 this month. HOW many recruits are you going to get? How much are you going to push them to sell? Keep in mind if you want them to help you get to pink you need recruit them before the 15th! How many pre orders are you going to get? If you ladies really work this month you could actually hit GREEN!

Today we are working on wording! So many word vomit and accept the first no as the answer and move on! To become a good leader and to build a team you need to master this! The best way to do it is to practice and from trial and error. If you notice that no one has been responding to what you are saying then change it up!!
I always like to start off any conversation with a compliment and keep complimenting throughout the conversation! No one wants to feel like just a number to you or a sale. So if you are pushing to get a sale or pushing to get them to join then don't make them feel that way. If you are going for a sale make them feel like they are your only customer and you have all the time in the world to help them find the best products for them. Get to know them! If you are pushing to have them join your team make them feel like they would be a huge addition to your team! You can't just feel them full of information and expect them to buy or sale. GET TO KNOW THEM and 

1.) Go through your messages and reconnect with 30 people by giving compliments or following up! I don't care if they gave you a no before!! Majority of the people that are on my team have told me no 10 times! I don't accept no i take it as not right now and i keep building that relationship until they join or buy! If they have said no before guess what we have an amazing new offer! SHARE IT!

2.) Start 20 new messages today by simply giving compliments. If you see someone on your news feed that is gorgeous like their picture and send them a message...Hey girl just saw your picture come across my news feed and i have to say you are so pretty, you would be a great addition to my team! Or i have some amazing lip stain that you would rock!

3.) Work on overcoming objections when they say no or their not interested...use feel, felt, found. If they say i don't have time say...i know i totally felt the same way with my three kids but i found i was already on facebook anyways and that is all it really takes smile emoticon I don't have the money right now...i know it was really hard for me to find the money as well but then i just took the leap and you know what because of us getting paid 3hrs after every sale it was easy to make it back!! DO NOT EXCEPT NO because guess what that is everyone's first answer! Comment done and your feed back below when complete!


Alright ladies! Ready to work!! Here's your first "MUST COMPLETE" challenge! Kayla and I will be reviewing your wording! We want to make sure that you all have the absolute best chances of being successful! So how do we do that? By reviewing the fails and moving forward!! So, for this challenge you will need to screen shot the END of a "No" conversation you had with someone! Meaning, you asked and they said no! This is how it will work!


Screen shot THREE conversions EACH of selling (like trying to get someone to buy product) AND you offering the opportunity!

We do NOT need the entire conversation! We want the end where they said NO and your response! Remember, this is us reviewing a FAIL so we can help them become nonexistent! 


Send your SIX screen shots in a PRIVATE message to _____! 

We will evaluate everyone's tactics and wording over the next few days, then we will go over how to correct, what to say instead, and we are going to teach you how to get a YES!!!! 

We will be doing the training in this group in a few days, NOT in individual messages, we just wanted you all to have a private way to get us the conversations! ALL screen shots will be deleted after the training!!! 


Let's go girls! So excited to see your businesses boom!!!!


Whoop-Whoop!!! Who's ready to work!!!?? Here is your Posting Challenge for today!!


You ladies are going to reach outside your comfort zone today...and I promise it will be the most amazing thing you've ever done!!

Each of you needs to create a VIDEO--about 1 minute long is fine--saying why you joined Younique and what you love about the company! There is no right or wrong way to do this!!! Keep it short! If you joined bc you love the products, great! If it was to pay bills, great! To pay for your kids baseball or dance, great!! To save for vacation, great!!! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!! Favorite part about the company? It can be anything, there are so many things to love about Younique! Get paid every three hours...presenter perks...random bonuses...the Younique foundation...the support...the team aspects & friendships...the constant release of new fresh products...the trainings!! ANYTHING LADIES!! But do this!! 


Happy Thursday Ladies!!!! Just a little tid bit for Yall today...We get ladies asking us daily what we do to get sales, to get parties, to get ppl to join...and I'm gonna tell you what we say....are you ready??? Are you sure???

WE NEVER STOP!! WE KEEP GOING!! WE PUSH PAST NO AND TURN THEM INTO YES!! WE ARE ALWAYS THINKING AHEAD AND PREPPING FOR THE FUTURE!!! Ladies.....WE HUSTLE!! If you can commit 110% to your business, make a few sacrifices, like watching TV or save that scrap book for another day...20-30 minutes when you can spare it...and you WORK YOUR BUSINESS like it's your JOB, huge huge things WILL HAPPEN!!! You have to remember that some people spend 30 years building a career, and never make what WE have the potential to make (let that sink in)...seriously...if your boss told you to do something, you would...if your boss told you there was a promotion in your future if you could prove your commitment, YOU WOULD DO IT! Well ladies, YOU ARE THE BOSS! #letswork #dontstop #boss babes


Today we are going to push you guys a little more outside your comfort zone! I want you guys to all pick one of your favorite products and make a demo video. If you have done some already thats okay do another one! Needs to be posted on your personal wall by 12 noon tomorrow. Comment done below when finished!

POST 10:

Good morning ladies!!!! Ready for your next challenge?!! You may have heard of the 100 No's Challenge?? Well, we are gonna do a smaller scale challenge for you guys!!!! Today you need to make a list of 100 ppl (yes I know, 100...not 50, if you're familiar with 100 No's you will understand) Use your Facebook, email list and phone contacts to make your list! You will be sending all 100 ppl a message about joining! Don't send it YET!!! Just make your list and post a picture of it below to mark your name off as complete!

POST 11:
Knowing your why in this business is so important! Why did you join with Younique? What changes do you want to make in your life for the better? What has been holding you back in your life that you are ready to change? Your why is what is going to keep you going during every hard challenge, during the slow days with no sales, during the times where friends and family are asking you why you are still doing this! Please watch this video of Cara Ramey our Founders sister who knows her why and used it to get her to black! After this is done record a short video of yourself

POST 12:

Alright ladies!! So you've done your 50 No's List of 100's TIIIIIIIMEEEEEE!!! 

We are going to message every single person on your list! Personally messaging ppl is about 80% of my PRS & recruits!! Posting daily on your Fb wall is crucial! BUT private messages are just as important! This is where we find our team! Ppl aren't going to message you daily and tell you they want to join! You need to be the one to bring it up! So here's your challenge!!! We are going to give you EXACTLY what to say!!! When I say EXACTLY, that's what I mean! Don't go changing or adding words! You will find that Kayla and I are successful bc we don't accept NO...just as we assume the sale, we assume the join! Lol! Hence why most of you are here!!
You don't have to do all 100 ppl today- but you need to send at least 20 tonight!!! You can change the greeting to fit your personality of course, but DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SEND THESE MESSAGES! Choose one that best suits the person you are sending it to!
"Hey girl! I am blown away by your selfies, I need you on my team!"
"Ok, I can't stand it any longer, I have to tell you! We have got to get you on my team, ASAP!"
"Hey girl! I absolute loved the lip color you had on in your picture you posted earlier today! What brand is it?"
"Hey girl, so have you ever thought about joining Younique?" (This one seems intimidating, but it's amazing!)
After you have sent 20 messages-comment done below!! Then when they respond...LET US KNOW!!! 

POST 13:


POST 13:


POST 14:
Good evening ladies!!! Here's your homework!!! Make time to listen to or watch these videos by Shari Brown- one of the companies TOP presenters! These are some of the best advice/training vids!!
Shari Brown-
Shari Brown-

Shari Brown-

Shari Brown-

Shari Brown-

POST 15:


POST 16:

HOSTESS Coaching!!! 
It is crutial for successful parties. This is Sarah Long, the party Queen. Listen and take notes!

POST 17:

We are half way through the month and we all need to be half way to Pink! Shout out where you are and what problems you are having so that we can over come the problems and make sure you are getting to pink. If you are a few hundred short try and push a bulk order today and have your team do the same since to try and catch you up! Once we reevaluate i will give you your task for the day! Post your PRS below!