What is the March Makeup Mania? During the month of March, different bonuses are available for first-time advancements to Pink Status through Orange Status, and/or for Exemplary and Elite Presenters being paid as your highest Recognized Status. What are the qualifying dates for March Makeup Mania? The perk is available from March 1, 2017, at 12:01 a.m. PST to March 31, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. PDT. What is the difference between Recognized and Paid-as Status? Paid-as Status: The status qualification criteria met in the current month Recognized Status: The highest status achieved in a Presenter’s Younique lifetime What is the value of the bonus? Any Elite and Exemplary Presenter who is paid as her highest Recognized Status and/or any Presenter who advances to Pink Status through Orange Status for the first time will receive the following bonuses: Exemplary Pink and Blue Status Presenters will get a $100 bonus ($100 USD, 115 $ CAD, $115 AUD, $100 NZD, £65 GBP, 85 € EUR, $1300 MXN, and HK $740). Elite Green and Orange Status Presenters will get a $250 bonus ($250 USD, 287.50 $ CAD, $287.50 AUD, $250 NZD, £162.50 GBP, 212.50 € EUR, $3250 MXN, and HK $1850). If I start the month as an Entry-Level Presenter and advance to Green Status or higher in March, will I earn both the Exemplary and Elite bonuses (100 + 250)? You will receive the Elite bonus, which is the higher of the two bonuses. Can I earn both the Blue Status Presenter Perk and the March Makeup Mania bonus? Yes, you are eligible for both—and we want you to get both! Does this replace the Elite Consistency Bonus for this month? No, you can earn both! If the promotional period overlaps with your four months of being paid as either Green Status or Orange Status, then you will receive the March Makeup Mania bonus in addition to your Elite Consistency Bonus. How will I receive the cash bonus? After the month of March finalizes on April 8, you will receive the cash bonus in your PayQuicker account with your month-end commissions earned for March. Will the perk be available after March? No, this perk is only available in March 2017. However, look for other perks and promotions coming in the future. How can I track my progress throughout the month? You can always check on your progress to any status by visiting the “My Royalties” section in your Back Office. What would the total bonus I would get be if I earned both the Blue Status Presenter Perk and the March Makeup Mania bonus? The combined bonuses are detailed in the chart below: