How to take Product Preorders :)



Advertise on your wall about the mascara & lash serum. Don't post pictures of the product -- that doesn't sell her anything. You need to post before and afters - REAL pics of either you or someone else using the product. I think it's honestly good to do BOTH -- you and other people. Go LIVE and talk about it. I would post honestly 2-3 times today about it.. mixed in with other posts. If you WANT to make a google form you can. (watch this video on how to do that:


Message as many as you can (start with past customers and then move onto friends on facebook) If you search this group for "preorders" you'll find a few different posts with example verbiage. I suggest making a quick short video or voice msg and forwarding that along and then adding a picture of your or someone you know with a before & after pic. This is super important because you will have people that see your post on fb / are thinking about it / but just don't take the time to msg you to let you know they might be interested.

Make sure you STAY ORGANIZED!!! I keep orders in a google spreadsheet so I can access it from both my phone and laptop. Some people keep notes on their phone or a notebook. But you don't want to accidentally miss anyone. Also mark when they have paid.


Mention the bundles -- duos and trio to save money and help upsell (aka - make more money ;) ) I just let them know my goal is to help them get the best deal. there's NEVER any pressure from me. "Oh, and just so I don't forget - we totally have these awesome money saving bundles if you'd like to add on the lash serum as well. " -- see! Easy Peasy!


Decide how you are going to ship. This is entirely a PERSONAL preference - You basically have two options. Ship directly to them from the Younique site.. OR, ship to you and then reship to them. Benefits and drawbacks to both:

a) SHIP TO THEM: perks: Gets there the fastest. You don't have to spend time repackaging things. Shipping is $5.50 no matter what (USA) downside: It takes more time to get individual orders in and the site will be slower on a launch day. If products go on backorder your customers might have to wait longer to get them. You can't add anything else to the order (business cards / personal thank you card / samples / catalog / etc ...) ..

b) SHIP TO YOU FIRST AND THEN RESHIP TO THEM: perks: You can better make sure you get the products you need because you'll just be doing one larger order so it will be quicker. You can add in a personal touch - business cards, thank you note, samples, catalogs, etc ... If You are sending the lash serum maybe thrown in 4 white strips your customer can put under her eyelashes to take before and after pics. Shipping to you (over $100 in the USA) is free. drawback: you have to take the time to reship things out. I would still charge the same amount for shipping though ($5.50) -- I used to charge $3 - but found that I was still paying for packaging and taking time to mail it out -- plus if I include a catalog. If you have LOCAL customers this is the best option because then they don't pay for shipping at all and you just drop it off to them.

*** All TRIO orders NEED to be directly shipped to your customer, using THEIR credit card and THEIR email address in order to count for the company necklace incentive ***


Figure out the costs. Include shipping and sales tax.

a) If you are shipping it directly to them - sales tax is based on where they live (you can google sales tax info by city / state online- or estimate). Shipping from Younique is a flat rate ($5.50 in the USA).

b) if shipping to you, you COULD charge less in shipping (most of my small packages are $2.60 - $3 to ship plus cost of packaging materials)... but it might just be easier to keep it at $5.50 flat. For my local customers I omit the shipping cost all together and just drop it off to them.


Take payment up front OR if it's a trio order - take their credit card info (so you can get credit for the order). But otherwise I would just collect payment in anyway you prefer and then use your credit card to purchase the products. There are MANY ways to collect payment now - it's just a personal preference. Some charge a % -- I personally just absorb those costs.

a) Paypal invoice (easy to set up a business paypal account and link it to your bank account) - you can email them an inovoice or set up a link

b) Square App also allows you to send out invoices

c) Venmo - a lot of people use this and you can send or receive money

d) Facebook Messenger - you can send or receive money for FREE and it doesn't take out a percentage. You can request money as well - but you do have to be connected on FB to do that. (this is my new preferred way outside of paypal).


Get on the website as soon as you can after 6 am pacific time and order your products. If doing a bulk order, split up orders over $500 (orders over $500 get flagged and reviewed and may take longer to receive).


If you decided to order in bulk and reship to customers, go ahead and do that. I like to include samples, business cards and possibly a catalog.


Message / email ensuring they received their products and to find out how they like it. Make sure to mention joining as a presenter!!

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