How to take Product Preorders :)



Advertise on your wall about the mascara & lash serum. Don't post pictures of the product -- that doesn't sell her anything. You need to post before and afters - REAL pics of either you or someone else using the product. I think it's honestly good to do BOTH -- you and other people. Go LIVE and talk about it. I would post honestly 2-3 times today about it.. mixed in with other posts. If you WANT to make a google form you can. (watch this video on how to do that:


Message as many as you can (start with past customers and then move onto friends on facebook) If you search this group for "preorders" you'll find a few different posts with example verbiage. I suggest making a quick short video or voice msg and forwarding that along and then adding a picture of your or someone you know with a before & after pic. This is super important because you will have people that see your post on fb / are thinking about it / but just don't take the time to msg you to let you know they might be interested.

Make sure you STAY ORGANIZED!!! I keep orders in a google spreadsheet so I can access it from both my phone and laptop. Some people keep notes on their phone or a notebook. But you don't want to accidentally miss anyone. Also mark when they have paid.


Mention the bundles -- duos and trio to save money and help upsell (aka - make more money ;) ) I just let them know my goal is to help them get the best deal. there's NEVER any pressure from me. "Oh, and just so I don't forget - we totally have these awesome money saving bundles if you'd like to add on the lash serum as well. " -- see! Easy Peasy!