$200 - $400 PINK BONUS!!!!

No matter how long you've been with Younique, if you promote as Pink Status Presenter in November, you'll receive a $200 USD CASH BONUS!!! Plus if you are a NEW presenter, within your first 90 days with Younique, you'll receive an additional $200 -- for a total of $400 for your promotion!!

Scroll Down for tips on HOW to achieve PINK:


1) Message every girl on your team and let them know you are cheering them onto yellow or pink or whatever goals they are wanting to achieve. Example: Jamie!! There is no better time than this month to achieve it all! I know you can and I know you will!!! Pink Status and beyond is yours!! What are your goals this month?

2) Make a collage for whatever their goals are! And cheer them on!

3) Message every customer following up and making sure they are still loving their products! If they say YES, say:

"That's how I started!!! I fell in love with the products . . . have you ever considered doing this with me??? " If they say yes, get them on your team! If they say no, thank them for being your customer and you love them that way, and let them know we have specials happening, if they want to be on you VIP list for you to keep them in the know about the new specials :)

specials happening, if they want to be on your vip list for you to keep them in the know about the new specials:)

4) Message 100 people right now about the opportunity!!! Even if it takes you until 3 am!!!!

Keep it short & simple.

"Jackie, your facebook page is soooo positive and uplifting! I know you would do great at what I do!! Have you ever considered owning your own online beauty business?!"

5) 5 PARTIES!!!!

Book Parties!!!

Send this to 20 people every day until the 19th!!

"Hey Girl!" OMG I'm so excited to get you HOOKED UP with some FREE makeup! November is Younique's 5 year anniversary so it's gonna be HUGE! I'm SO excited!! All you need to do is invite your girlfriends to a group and I'll take care of the rest. This will start on the 20th -- what do you say?!?!?"

>>>> If you want, you can start all your parties on the 20th to go through the black Friday deals -- and of course continue booking through the end of the month!!!

6) Make at least ONE opportunity & 1 product post every day on your timeline and VIP group and business page!!! (DO NOT MISS A DAY).

7) Every person who likes or comments on any of your product or opportunity posts or lives send them something like this:

"Thank you so much for your 'like' on my posts! I just want to know your support means the world to me as I build my business 💗💗 have a great day!!

8) Go live at least 1 time a week (or more if you can!)

9) Teach everyone below you to do the SAME!!!!!

10) Personal development 10 minutes a day!!!! Never give up!!!!!!! Personal development will keep your fighting for your goals even if you feel like stopping. Don't stop!!! PINK IS YOURS!!!! 💗💗



How to Reach Pink

Cinderella Challenge

How to Run a Fundraiser

You can do this!!!

:) Michelle

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