How to do BULK ORDERS / PRE-ORDERS with your business

While there is NO inventory required in Younique, sometimes you may want to do a bulk order where you collect money upfront, then order the products in one order and either delivery or re-mail out.

So, how do you do it?

Let's go over the details. It's SUPER simple - but here's a few tips!


You do need to be organized. Write out who is ordering, what they are getting, how many, etc ... You don't want to forget who ordered product from you once everything arrives. You also want to let them know when they can expect to receive their product.


* A notebook or planner works great

* You can also use NOTES on your phone

* I love using the TRELLO app (like a virtual notebook)

* Google Sheets (free spreadsheet software on

HOT TIP - don't forget to add these orders to your customer database (however you keep track of what customers have purchase in the past). Some people use a notebook, a planner, a google spreadsheet. I now use to keep my customers organized, input orders and schedule follow-ups.


Collect money upfront. Make sure you factor in sales tax and shipping if you are going to have to reship it to them. I usually charge $3 shipping -- most products will ship US first class for about $2.60-$2.80 plus the cost of the envelope. The ONLY time I do not collect money upfront is if it's someone I know well or a repeat customer that is local to me that I will hand deliver product to. But even then, I prefer to collect $ upfront.

There are SOOOOOO many ways now to collect money so this is NO stress. I'll list a few different ways - but it really depends on you and the customer. The only thing I DO NOT recommend is accepting a check from someone you do not know. Unfortunately there are people that are dishonest and have paid presenters with bad checks for products.

PAYPAL: ( This is probably the most common. A Paypal account is FREE. Honestly, Paypal is used so widely now - both to request payment and to pay for things, it would be smart to get an account even if you weren't a presenter. As a presenter I say it's a necessity ;). With Paypal you can send invoices OR people can send money to you via "friends and family". If you send invoices, paypal does collect a small fee. If people send you money via "friends and family" then there is no fee.

FACEBOOK: Facebook Messenger now allows you to both send and collect money. It does NOT (as of 2019) take a % away. You do have to set it up to collect money and input your checking account. The money is deposited directly into your checking account from Facebook. Learn how to do it here:

VENMO: Another free way to send and collect money. Not as many people have this app, but more and more are adding it. It's super intuitive and very simple to use.

SQUARE: You can send invoices plus accept credit card numbers on the spot with this user friendly app! The app is free, however it does take a % of the purchase amount. This is what I use when I do vendor events to collect payment from people as it's an app right on my phone.

PLUS SO MANY MORE options! There are other apps out there that allow you to send and request money -- these are just the ones I see most often and personally use myself.


Order the products you need. Always place products in a party link, whether that is a link under your name or a customer's name. If you have over $500 in products, be aware that large orders can be flagged for review (to ensure they are legit orders and not by someone that maybe stole a credit card). If you don't want to have something flagged, you can break it up into smaller orders. I personally mail EVERYTHING to me.


Distribute the products. This takes a little extra time - but it allows you to add a personalized thank you note, samples, catalog, brochure, etc .. and save your customer some $ on shipping. PLUS when I hand deliver a product to a customer, I feel like it helps strengthen the relationship. We get to chat a bit, sometimes I will even bring my makeup trunk with me and upsell to other products as well!

Some shipping tips!

* I purchase envelopes on Amazon: (used padded envelopes to protect your products from damage).

* You can get cheaper shipping prices with a account or using paypal shipping

* Use tracking and send the tracking number to your customers (good customer service)

* You can schedule USPS pickup right to your door with both and

And that's it! SUPER SIMPLE!

1) Keep Track of Orders

2) Collect Payment

3) Order Product s

4) Distribute Products

5) Receive your commission ;)

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