2020 Black Friday Details

This Black Friday Promotion is going to be SO SO SO exciting!!! Here are all the details so you can take advantage of these exciting 7 weeks of exclusive deals! Continue reading for details plus tips on how to make the Black Friday promotion successful for you!

First, save this Bundle Schedule to your phone or computer. This shows when the deals will be announced to the Presenter field and also when they will launch.


This year we will have SEVEN weeks of deals!! There will be TEN total bundles! 7 of the bundles will launch on Mondays (except the first that will launch tomorrow) and be good for the full week - the others will launch during Thanksgiving weekend (what is traditionally black Friday) and will be good for just 24 hours.

Some of these bundles will include exclusive products that will ONLY be available during Black Friday. Other bundles will include NEW products that will be later added to the core line!


For the bundles launching on Mondays, they will be revealed on the Younique Corporate POP (Presenter Only Page). Also make sure your email is correct with the corporate office as you'll also receive emails with the bundle information. For the Friday reveals, they will go live at 9 am PDT / 10 am MDT / 11 am CDT / 12 pm EDT


Queue for each bundle will open up at 5 am PDT / 6 am MDT / 7 am CDT / 8 am EDT.

Then the bundle will be revealed on the site at 9 am PDT / 10 am MDT / 11 am CDT / 12 pm EDT.

The only exception is the FIRST bundle on November 1st. The time is still being confirmed, however it will go live on the site shortly before the queue opens up.

Again, Bundles 5,6,7 will be only available for 24 hours.