Thanks for being willing to help out tomorrow with our event!  

I'm looking for presenters that can do the following - pick a letter and let me know what you can do -- scroll down to see our "party script" for tomorrow night". 

A) 2 preposts - (KALIE BEARDEN).. one at 5 pm MDT and one at 6 pm MDT .. posting pics of your own selfies (before and afters)

B) Post #1 & Post #2 (7 pm MDT & 7:10 pm MDT) You'll need this image:  and you'll need to either hop on live at 7:10 OR you can prerecord a welcome video. (see example: ) 

C) Post #3 & Post #4  (7:20 MDT / 7:30 MDT ) (post #3: video of the liquid foundation -- needs to be a demo). Post #4 before and afters (like a flipogram).. I can find a video link or you can use this one: )  

D) Post #5 & Post #6  (KATIE BLEDSOE) (7:40 pm MDT  / 7:50 pm MDT)  #5: video showing the concealers / #6 Video showing the customer kudos 

E) Post #7 & Post #8 (KASSIDI SMITH)(8:00 pm MDT / 8:10 pm MDT ) #7: video showing BB cream (and possibly pressed powder)  -  / #7 video showing uplift eye serum / ROSE WATER

F) Post #9 & Post #10 (8:20 pm MDT / 8:30 pm MDT ) - #9 ) video talking about the collections and the presenter kit  - can be live or pre-recorded.  ex:   #10 ) picking a winner from post #1

G) Moderator (need 2-3) - just checking the group for questions (not color matching) and making sure nothing innaproriate is posted

H) Color Matching (need 5-6) - watching the color matching post and helping people to choose the correct color for their skin.  Alphabetical by FIRST NAMES: Kirstin McIntosh (A-D) / Rhonda Madrid (E-H) / Kassidi Smith (I - L )


5 pm MDT  Prepost #1:  KALIE BEARDEN

Our event is starting soon! I can't WAIT! You are going to LOVE these products! And good luck to each of you on the GIVEAWAYS!!

Here are my personal results with the Pressed Powder! LOVE IT!!!
Every busy/tired mama needs it!! :)

***If you have tried Younique's foundation, feel free to post your own Before/After in the comments below! (You too presenters!! :) ) Can't wait to see your beautiful faces!!

(pic of your own before and after) 

6 pm MDT Prepost #2: KALIE BEARDEN

🚨 one hour until the party officially starts 🚨

Throw on your comfy clothes, grab a beverage of your choice & kick your feet up! You're about to experience the most epic Younique party yet.

Who's ready to win some free makeup?! 🙋🏼  

IMAGE: before and after selfie! 


7:00  pm MDT / POST #1

We are so excited that you have joined us for The Flawless FUNdamentals!  

*COMMENT BELOW* with where you live to be entered to win $100 in FREE products of your choice. The winner will be announced TONIGHT!!!

May the odds be ever in your favor!


​​7:05 pm MDT / Post #2 

Welcome!!!!   (video sample:

7:20 pm MDT / POST #3

This is the "Liquid Gold" Touch Foundation Ladies! It is a must! Comment if you have tried it below! "yes" or "I want to"!!! (video demoing the liquid foundation or showing before and afters)

7:30 pm MDT / POST #4

*Post a photo of yourself in the comments and one of our Color Matching Experts (shown below) will give you their shade recommendation for our Liquid Foundation!

**MAKEUP GIVEAWAY** We have 5 Liquid Foundation Brushes and 5 Glorious Primers up for grabs. Everyone who posts their photo will be entered to win!!

***photos in natural light are best***

Contact the presenter who invited you to this event to place your order! Xoxoxo

(video of before and afters / "wakeup to makeup" download our team pics here:



Concealers!! (video samples:

7:50 pm MDT / Post #6: - KATIE BLEDSOE

The MUST HAVE Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation-- for FREE?!!!
Say what??  Watch how you can get a $40 USD discount on this amazing foundation bundle! All the fundamentals you need for amazing looking skin.  Make sure to ‪#‎pressplay‬ and HD for clearer viewing! Contact the Presenter who invited you to The Flaweless FUNdamental Event to order yours. (video of customer kudos)   


Introducing our BB Flawless foundation! It's a light weight tinted moisturizer that evens out your skin tones and gives your face a beautiful glow! Sooo great if you have dry skin!

Watch this quick demo 💋 & be sure to contact the presenter who invited you if you'd like to order.  (video:  )

8:10 pm PDT / Post #8 - KASSIDI SMITH

Skin Care 101 😘  (plift eye serum & Rose Water)

8:20 pm MDT / Post #9

Here is how to get the BEST DEAL on your makeup?!?! If you want this kit comment "I want it!"

(video of presenter kit: sample video -  - talk about saving money with COLLECTIONS as well as the PRESENTER kit

8:30 pm MDT / POST #10
(COLOR Matching Post)  Not sure of your foundation or concealer color?  No fear!!  We have out team of color matching experts here to help you pick the perfect shade for you.  Comment below with a selfie to be color matched and you'll also be entered to win a free liquid foundation in YOUR own shade!  

8:40 pm MDT / POST #11:

Thank you so much for joining us!!! 
We have 1 MORE GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!! 

YOUNIQUE PRESENTERS thank your customers below for placing an ORDER or for JOINING your team and on Wednesday Night at 7 pm MDT / 8pm CDT we will give away a Makeup Bag FULL of goodies to one lucky lady! So shop til you drop!

**Remember to ask the presenter who added you for the shopping link if you don't have one!**

8:50 pm MDT POST #12

Get your orders in! Contact your presenter for your shopping link. We will announce the winners of the 5 Liquid Foundation Brushes, 5 Glorious Primers and Makeup Goodie Bag tomorrow night, June 24h at 7:00pm MDT / 8:00 pm CDT after all of the color matching has been done. So check back to see if you won! Thank you for joining us!!!  (download image: )


7:00 pm MDT / POST #13 - MICHELLE BELL

We will announce the Winners of the Liquid Foundation Brushes, Glorious Primers and Makeup Goodie Bag in 30 minutes! 11 lucky ladies will WIN!!! 😍  (video:

7:30 pm MDT / POST #14 - MICHELLE BELL

Winners announced LIVE!!!  (live video)

(Thank You Image)